my wordpress site is using twentyeleven theme and i want to know more about

editing the html of it.

so when i go to editor, i see all these Templates that are php files. if i wanted to edit the html and put something, lets say adsense, on every page of this site, how would i do that?

or basically, how can i add a sidebar to this theme and make sure it always shows up on every page of this site, no matter the template used.

im thinking i would need to create a php file from a base sidebar design, and then from there edit the code of the main index file to allow this new sidebar template to always show up. correct?
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Have any fun personal projects?

Anyone here have any projects they work on for fun? Whether it be a long-lasting project or something you thought up one morning and knocked out in a few hours.

Curious to see what others are up to.

5 year project in the works. Low revenue but personal attachment.
1 year project in the works. High revenue, business workplace site.

only thing personal I am working on is a redesign of my business site, the rest of the time I am either doing web or graphic design for clients

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interview with a dude who makes $20k a week at 20 years old

It costs money to download the .mp3 () but there’s a transcript below it.

ahh max is a good buddy of mine, we hang out often.,_Co-Founder_of_WhatRunsWhere/__Burnt-Out_At_20,_Making_$20K_A_Day.html

if that site had any more adsense on it, some members might complain

If that dude said "you know" any more in his interview, some members might complain.
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Sold my business today

Feels good, man

Cliffs: wrote an iPhone App, pretty popular for what it did. Highly ranked, awesome reviews, lots of downloads.

Contacted by a fortune company (for the second time) back in April, they were interested in talking again. Guy was from their mergers and acquisitions department, so he can make decisions.

On and off (slowly) for three months, we agree on a price and paperwork moves forward. Pretty simple contract really.

The amusing part was they wanted to know my profit strategy for the App since it was free… to get bought out bros.
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How much money have you made?

Me, 50 bucks. Glad to say I made that much back, it’s what I’ve invested. Never got paid for my time but I’ve learned a lot in the process.


are you talking affiliate shit? per web site design? weekly? monthly? yearly?

I wanna know this too, cause they are all different amounts. If you’re talking affiliate stuff, I’ve made like $200 lifetime. If you’re talking ad revenue, I’ve made about $95,000 and if you’re talking starting and flipping sites, we’re talking $105,000
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how do I know which database goes with which site?

So I’m backing up my WP databases but in phpMyAdmin it’s asking me to choose which one to back up but apparently I never named them based on the website so they have names like this:



Is there somewhere I can look through a specific domain and find out which domain goes to which site?

Also, can I rename them without breaking the website?

edit – n/m, I looked through the post table and I can identify which database goes with which site that way. So I guess my only question is how do I rename it to like domain_wrdp or whatever without screwing up my website?

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WordPress has really changed over the years. It’s kind of depressing..

Used to be a master at WordPress knew everything there was to know in the admin panel and doing this and that. Now after 4-5 years of picking it back up and working with the new releases I’m totally lost. There’s so many options and plugins and widgets and all these other things that seemed like they never were there before.. Maybe it’s just me? Dedicating more time to it today, but just wanted to rant..

What’s the problem? its more powerful than ever

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Say I have a wordpress theme installed .. Can I copy it 100% onto another domain?

you mean copy it with the same settings and everything?

or just install a copy of the same theme on another domain?

you mean copy it with the same settings and everything?

or just install a copy of the same theme on another domain?

I want to take everything, settings, plugins, posts, code, widgets, 100%, all of it and just load it into another domain with wordpress already installed. Here’s what I need to do.. 12 domains, all using the exact same template, settings, etc. Need to copy it on each. The problem is to setup each template, settings, plugins, widgets, etc. takes like 50 steps each.

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so there are only 54 profitable Clickbank products?

got an email the other day from Frank Kern who was pimping another make money online product from his cousin Trey. The Number Effect is a DVD containing the results of an experiment where he created an affiliate link to every one of the 12,000 products for sale on ClickBank and sent paid (PPV) traffic to all of those links and found which ones were profitable. He found 54 niches with profitable campaigns out of 12,000. Trey went on to talk about the software that he had written for this experiment. It apparently took a bit of work to get going from his outsourced programmer.
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Career-change advice?

I have a software engineering degree and I’m about 8.5 years into my career, and I’ve spent the past 3.5 years working almost 100% on the same project. My primary role on this project is as a .NET programmer for geospatial applications. I’ve been growing more discontented over the past year or so, but this past weekend I had a panic attack when I thought about going back to work on Monday to work on the same project I’ve been working on for the past 3.5 years, and I need to take that as a sign that it’s time to find something different. I’d like to stay in the tech sector, but I think I need to take a break from programming for a while — those circuits in my brain are just burned-out from overuse at this point.
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