Canned E-Mail Response App?

Anyone know of a good canned response tool to follow up with template emails to customers?

looking @ toutapp & gmail built in canned responses.

taht one does not allow HTML but toutapp does.

anyone know or use something to reply with template emails to customers thats more streamlined?

Recommend WordPress Security + SEO + Optimization Plug-ins/Things

, Not sure where to look; haven’t really used wordpress for a few years. But want to start using the platform again.. Open to all plug-ins, including free and paid if you have a second to type some out.

one plug in that is a must I use on all sites is all in one seo pack

but do a search, there have been a few threads about wordpress plugins and there are great suggestions in them

one plug in that is a must I use on all sites is all in one seo pack
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Simple voting / "like" script?

Hey guys,

Been a while since I’ve posted in here, some of you gave me a lot of help with a personal website I am working on.. I’m back for more.

The site isn’t heavy on the content but I want to have a small section where viewers can vote on things just a simple yes/no or "like/dislike" would be great.

I don’t want it to require an account for voting.. I would prefer it not use cookies since those can be cleared.. maybe there is a way to set things up track an IP address?
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HALP v.Regular Expressions copy n stuff

okay.. heres the deal i’m trying to take a huge list of files..

aka.. ( thats exactly how it looks )

and make it go like so..

<a href='downloads/download.php?id="( goes here)"'>( goes here)</a>
<a href='downloads/download.php?id="( goeshere)"'>( goes here)</a>

how can i do that?
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web.config 301 redirect

We have a number of pages that are set up for 301 redirects. Easy peasy.

However, I want to set up a page with a variable string to redirect. Example:


Currently, <add key="/Fax-Order-Online.aspx" value="Find-Location.aspx" /> only redirects that exact URL.

How do I tell web.config to redirect the "/Fax-Order-Online.aspx" URL with any string on the end?
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can anyone reccomend a streaming FLV player?

one that is preferrably able to play FLV’s with an alpha channel

Strobe Media Playback is what I typically use

Not sure about the alpha channel item but has some streaming plugins to go along with it.

Jwplayer is well known and supports alpha.
Most of the players on activeden support alpha or provide you with the fla to open the alpha channel.

If you run into any trouble, send me a pm.

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vB experts

Helping someone transfer a huge forum from a crappy old ASP app to vB.

We set up a test site, got all the themes etc working, and imported an old backup of the ASP forum using Impex etc… now we want to import the current (last night’s backup) database from the old forum, and when Impex imports, it craps itself because there’s already existing stuff in the new forum.

It doubles up users, messes up forums, etc.

What’s the easiest way to COMPLETELY clean out the new vB site, without touching the styles, pages, config, etc… just nuke users, forums, threads and posts… in a clean way so Impex thinks it’s an empty forum to re-import everything from scratch.
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