3D Interactive Virtual Tour Software?

I found something called 3D vista which has a lot of features I need… this is a sample site:


Do you guys have any experience with software like this or any alternative recommendations?

I dont see anything 3d there at all.
For $450 im sure you could get a good dev to build you a nice tour that you can use as a template for other sites.

recommend a site that you have good experience with

I dont see anything 3d there at all.
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Hosted, Image Hosting Service…

So I want to host my own image hosting service for some of my sites.

Kind of like YOURLS is a SELF HOSTED alternative for bit.ly pro

We were going to use something like image shack or one of the self branded services but we would rather worry about bandwidth and servers etc then rely our image hosting service on a 3rd party..

YOURLS is very easy for a URL shortener – self hosted and all the jazz-

What we want is the same type of setup for the image hosting, a simple upload script for the users.. saves the files to our server, then outputs a nice gallery for the user to link to and maybe some embed links for our forums etc.
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so i want this guy to sell me a domain he’s not using

I thought of an awesome domain name that I want, checked, it was taken, and it was bought literally 1 week before I thought of it. Damn.

The domain has barely anything on it. There’s a WP "Welcome to WP, this is your first post" post there but that’s it. I emailed him and asked if he wanted to sell it but he said "no."

Fast forward two months, he still hasn’t done anything with it. No content, no backlinks, etc. Just the one "Welcome to WP" post.
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Question about Drupal 7 menus

I have set up a basic menu system to go in a left sidebar region on my site. Some of the links are setup in a hierarchy and I have all of them set to show as expanded.

How can I set it up so only the active section is expanded?

For example, I have it like this

-Our Services
–service 1
–service 2
–expertise 1
—subsection of expertise 1
—another subsection of expertise 1
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What is up with googles new indexing strategy?

Any insight into what they have changed? eHow got raped lol

Not sure but the search results for my keyword keep changing every few days. My sites #1 and the results below it change constantly.. it’s like Google can’t decide.

Seven days ago I was #5 on page one for a keyword.
Three days ago I was #3 on page one for a keyword.
Today I’m #5 on page one for a keyword.

, I can’t even keep up with this anymore. Hopefully it keeps up though, because I’m about to do a ton of SEO work with the constant changes going on.

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PHPbb Vs bbPress Vs PunBB Vs vBulletin

PHPbb Vs bbPress Vs PunBB Vs vBulletin

Just wondering thoughts.

PHPbb -ole school…. been using it for years on and off, haven’t used it in 2 or 3 years. Always seems to get hacked.. usually a hit by some russian porn ad ring

bbPress Seems to be the bastard child of the WordPress team. Has lots of plugins, most are degraded but I can sort out most any coding issues in the plugins.

PunBB I haven’t had any experience with it before but it seems to have quarterly or better releases in the svn. Just not sure about security or plugins… etc
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WordPress Help

I haven’t made a website since geocities was the shit.

I’m currently Redoing a website for a family business and was wondering on how to create a Blog section on the main page to update with new products and new deals going on.

install wordpress in the folder

if you have not made shit since geocities, hire someone

I’ve got wordpess already installed and the sites up, I was just wondering how insert the blog

Wordpress is the blog. Log in and create a post and it should load on the top of the main page, by default.

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Best Domain Company? or should I buy them through my host?

Need to buy about twenty domain names at once, and shared hosting too. Should I just buy them at a domain company or through my hosting company? Not sure what to do. What do you guys typically do?

Network Solutions, well worth the $35 a year.

I have all but one of my domains through godaddy, and the odd ball is through namecheap

I will never buy a domain through my host


both have coupons on retailmenot.com

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Master Data Manipulator/Extractor Appreciation Thread

give shout outs to notepad++


but i find myself constantly transferring between excel and notepad and back into excel for some regex shit.

whats your setup like

i got auto hot key set up that streamlines my shit with FTP dirs

im looking for something that wraps html tags in notepad++ like i do in dreamweaver when i press ctrl+B to bold an element (put <strong> tags around highlighted txt)

is there such a plugin

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