Anyone else’s Adsense revenue down v.retargeting?

Before, my sites with Adsense were doing relatively well. Ads were relevant to the content.

In the last few weeks, and especially the last week, my clicks have been low, and the few clicks I do get aren’t paying what they normally pay.

I visited my sites to see what is going on, and 90% of the ads are retarget ads (ads for sites I’ve been browsing earlier) that have nothing to do with the content for my sites.

For example, if one of my sites was about green widgets, normally the ads are also about green widgets, but recently they’ve been about trading gold futures and car tires (because apparently I visited a futures trading site and a tire site) rather than related to the content of my site.
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Building my own portfolio website. Questions

Is it better to use XML over traditional HTML or should I just stay with HTML. Btw, using Dreamweaver. I was looking at wordpress, but they sell you templates and there are not many options for customization.

XHTML, yes.

There are plenty of .. almost any of them will be better than something you’d design yourself in Dreamweaver.

Good Host?

I’m sure this has been asked a million times but…

I’m looking to register a domain. I also need basic hosting with MySQL, PHP support, and a few email addresses with the domain, and file (image) uploading. URL rewriting (mod_rewrite) would be nice as well.

I have tried GoDady in the past, I hate their website and management layout but whatever they were ok. I have a site with NetworkSolutions but they’re expensive and I don’t like how they steal domain names when you search for them through them.
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Am I an idiot for hosting my own stores?

I have 2 stores.

1 is woocommerce: 300 skus.

1 is magento: 300k skus.

They require nearly constant attention:

  • crashing
  • plugin failures
  • wordpress updates
  • inaccurate shipping rates

Should I move to a service that hosts the site for me, does all the maintinence, etc? Ie:

If so…which one?


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How much would you designers charge someone to design a background image for a site?

I want a background image, 1600×1372 or so, designed for a motorcycle club website. It’s a wordpress site and I want a large image on the background with some sort of motorcycle theme going on and incorporating the patch of the club.

Something similar to but not as grungy.

I don’t do design or code work, but based on if I was paying. It would follow: To add a background code with pre-made image $20. To design the new background image and then implement it in the code $40-60. Go on some forums and post what you want a run a contest, you can get tons of ideas and renders for almost nothing.

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Making a div width bigger than parent

Here’s the deal. I have a fixed width div (parent) which is 600px. The child has dynamic content (content each as different width) and the width will vary. Problem is, the child’s width won’t auto past the parent.

How do I get the child div to auto size past the parent?

Simple exampe:

#parent {
   width: 600px;
<div id="parent">
     <div id="child">

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Wow what an ad

wanting to start up a web design company and looking to hire someone to design their company site

Wow. Who wouldnt just jump right in? They want skill for no compensation…hmm someone better go back and rethink starting a company! Oh and better yet the company is ALMOST off the ground because of some good solid leads..

If your an experienced

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Private Digg Networks

Yea yea, Digg is dead – I know that. But we’re forming a private group who can help each other out. If you’re interested and you are ACTIVE (not necessarily a "power digger") and want to join, PM me.


Jesse done this and it failed. Yours will too.

? Aren’t there already a million other clones out there.

We got a few members going already, not trying to be huge, just keeping it small and tight.

Better chance with Reddit. Digg is fail.

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GoDaddy Coupon

posted this in the main on accident

GoDaddy is offering Domain Name Registration (new domains only) for $1 for 1 year with code ACES1.
May be used for COM, US, MOBI, BIZ, NET, ORG, CA, CO.UK and IN
Additional 18-cent ICANN fee applies.

Can you do this with multiple domains? I’ve still been holding off on buying the twenty + domain names I’ve been needing. If so that is an awesome code, thanks for sharing! When does this expire as well, sorry to ask a lot of questions.

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