This will turn out to be the easiest homework assignment ever!

Assignment: Find a website being used by a company and re-do it any way you want using what we learned in class.

My brother-in-laws buddy owns a sports bar in Tampa. This is his website:

I emailed my b-i-l and asked him to ask the owner if i could use his site for my assignment… he said yes.

Shittywebsite is shitty.

at the huge images at bottom of front page..

Just make a page that embeds a twitter stream for news, pulls photos from flickr, and has some embedded google friendconnect modules for social networking, and put an overly glossy blue logo up top with a single pink letter

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TWL developers..

I want to have a custom tube script built for my tube site @ (NSFW as fuck)

I recently switched servers to the same guys who host redtube and a few others, and their head sysadmin is heavily suggesting it.

There are a few things that I’d want, and if any of you can do it.. that’d be great.. I’d like to keep it in the TWL family.

So, if you’re certain you can do it.. shoot me a PM or something.

aim; trevftw

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Returning from a function

So I used to always write my code spaghetti style and started using functions to organize things a little bit easier. The only problem I’ve come into is if I want to use a function to connect to a database then select some data, how do I return that information to the original page? It’s probably something simple that I’m missing. Halp?

if you are using mysql.. php and mysql are tightly coupled..

simple commands like

$result = mysql_query("query"); <– to query the database
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Is there a way to make Google show different ads?

It seems to be stuck on the same 4-5 ads. Is there a way to make it show more ads? Even if they aren’t relevant.

you could block the domains of the 4-5 ads you’re seeing with the competitive ad filter

New content + tags to point at the content..

Is it a pretty tight niche? Might just not be enough advertisers that relate.

are you section targeting?

Use section targeting

And add some more keywords to your content

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So how many of you are running a phpBB forum?

I know vbulletin is king but it’s not an option as of yet. I made a new forum a couple days ago and was wondering if there’s any decent portals I could easily install and look like my forums? Also, what good mods there are that actually work? I haven’t ran a forum since like 05

haven’t run one since my hosting service might be time to do that again

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Anyone know if thinkgeek has an affiliate program anywhere?

I love that freaking place. If I had the extra cash to waste, and didn’t have to answer to my wife lol, I’d probably buy 98% of the stuff on that site.

I want to link to a bunch of the stuff on my deal type blogs but wanted to find an affiliate program for them, or any other big retailers with cool geek gadgets and such.

Anyone know?

Nice thanks! I looked around on the site and didn’t see a link…at least anything that was obvious.

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Need Flash that uses ActionScript & PaperVision updated and will pay!

Need someone (ASAP) to update and export something for me that was developed in Flash.. i have the .fla’s, and all the development .as files..

i’m no Flash person so i can’t figure out wtf and i just need it done ASAP and will pay for it.

should be a simple job – simply replacing text in 3 media containers with text that i provide.

hit me up if you KNOW flash and can help out.

Need someone (ASAP) to update and export something for me that was developed in Flash.. i have the .fla’s, and all the development .as files..
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I have a great idea for a website, butttttttt (read inside)

So I think I have an idea for a site that has the potential to be really big. . . What I want to tell you about the website: There is nothing out there like it, and I think the market is ripe for it.

Several revenue streams including referrals, paid sponsorships by companies (think how GQ features products), and perhaps, but not necessarily, advertisements that will be highly targeted to the sites audience.

I have nearly 0 knowledge about how to develop websites, so I will need a developer. I think a website of this magnitude would cost thousands of dollars, something I don’t have. From my understanding the only alternative would be to profit share, cut the developer in on a % of the profit that I believe can/will be earned.
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