We announced a whole new set of Social Measurement reports in Google Analytics today!

Capturing The Value Of Social Media Using Google Analytics
Tuesday, March 20, 2012 | 6:55 AM

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Measuring the value of social media has been a challenge for marketers. And with good reason: it’s hard to understand exactly what is happening in an environment where activity occurs both on and off your website. Since social media is often an upper funnel player in a shopper’s journey, it’s not always easy to determine which social channels actually drive value for your business and which tactics are most effective.
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screen scraping

so what’s the best way to screen scrape?

the site i want to scrape doesn’t offer any sort of API or XML tags,

should i do this in php or asp?

i’ll be self teaching myself on how to do it as i don’t have much experience writing web apps…

the page i want to scrape:

section of the code i want to extract…
i want to extract the scores and store them in variables to perform some math functions on them….
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Suing my web host.

jaguarpc sucks a fat dick

They "accidentally" delete 12 sites after I adjust my hosting plan (4 year customer).

Down 4 days and counting. Can’t find the SQL databases that run the damned things.

$2k lost and counting. Lots of angry customers.

Ever sue a host?

good luck. Their ToS/EULA will probably absolve them of any liability unless you can prove intent. (next to impossible without written threats)

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Revised PHP Question

Okay, I created this quick form, and php code to generate a total. Where I am running into an issue is if the $annual_income is lower than the $poverty_level I don;t get a result. Is there a way to set the php so if it is lower than $poverty_level (16755) than the script will generate zero?

<form action="#" method="POST">

    Annual Income: 
        <input type=text name=Annual_Income><br>
    Are you married? 
        <select name="Spouse">
              <option value="">Select...</option>
              <option value="1">Yes</option>
              <option value="0">No</option>
    How many children do you have?
        <input type=text name=Children><br>

<input type=submit value="Calculate my payments!">

$annual_income = $_POST["Annual_Income"];
$spouse = $_POST["Spouse"];
$children = $_POST["Children"];
$family_size = (1 + $spouse + $children);


$poverty_level = ($poverty_status[$family_size]);

$annual_payment = ($annual_income - $poverty_level);
$monthly_payment = (($annual_payment / 12) * .1 );
echo "Your estimated annual payment is";
setlocale(LC_MONETARY, 'en_US');
echo money_format ('%.2n',$annual_payment) . "n";
echo "Your estimated monthly payment is";
setlocale(LC_MONETARY, 'en_US');
echo money_format ('%.2n',$monthly_payment) . "n";

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