Web Develop Ideas?

Post your great web developing ideas.
here is the few of mine but never had drive to even start with

. website that searches all the 24/7 restaurant/delivery that is in local.
. a simple website thats for apple-device image upload. (I even had template made for this website)
. EDU rating sites

i know this sites are stupid and pointless but it gives you an extra line in your resume. also, pretty easy to make if you have the godly coding knowledge

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what happend to google now?

i remember back in the days, i would google search about anything, like "collectors gold coin" and it would search me the webpage with actual decent or legit info. now days its a piles of shitty websites that is just for advertising.

It sucks. I’ve noticed the results are getting much much worse..

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Is This Possible? WordPress Contact Form Button that autofills in Vehicle or Stock #?

I think it is, but here’s my problem.. I blog about each car in a post. In the post I want to put in a contact button that links to a generic contact us form in wordpress on another page. The contact page is used as the main one.. Without editing the button each time how can I get the contact form page to autofill the car after they click the button? Can I have the contact form send a url of the previous page in the link?

Is that possible?

GET Method incorporating your form links with the VIN in the URL ->
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why am i getting a lot of 00:00:00 avg time on page

Are these bots or something? Some of my sites are getting dozens of page views with an avg time on page of 00:00:00 and a 100% bounce rate.

Is this like competitors running bots to kill my bounce rate? It’s happening on most of the pages on a few of my sites. I understand a few 0 length views and insta-bounces, but not 100% of them


robots who disregard robots.txt, acquire content

it could be a lot of things

and it could be a lot of reasons.

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Website Promotion Tips?

What would be the best ways to promote websites that are not well-seen by the biggest search engines like Google and Yahoo, even Facebook world…

Companies for adult dating, gambling, casinos, this sort of things…

Not basically illegal, but not easy to launch on a big scale…

WordPress for ecommerce?

Looking at selling around 40 items on my site (auto parts).

NOT impressed with the ecommerce plugins for WP (getshopped.org is giving me trouble…can’t connect with authorize.net)

Should I just convert to Magento?

don’t google/amazon/paypal take higher fees than having a merchant account? I have a merchant account through costco that takes around 1.8% per transaction. And my most common product is $1000.

why are you having problems with authorize.net
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What’s better for SEO. Does Video even matter in terms of content?

What’s the best thing to do here.. Upload videos on my server with a media player.. Or upload them on Youtube and embed them on my site..

Has anyone figured out which Google likes more? Or do they not really count that.. I’m thinking Youtube would be better, you’re linking back to Google, and in the video you can put a url to your site, so more backlinks.. Also I have around 500 videos to upload around 20 min each, and applied to Youtube adsense for $ generation, so not sure.. Going to go with Youtube unless anyone can explain why I should host the videos..
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