anybody here outsources PSD -> html


contemplating on doing this to avoid headache of cross-browser compatibility styling.

I’m definitely might look into this.

Not to hijack, but anybody know of an OTer that can convert html/css into WordPress? Don’t need it now but possibly within the next month.

getting few bites over at on this project

$200 bux seems bout the price i should pay for shit work from durka-durkastan
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Looking for some site critique…

There are a bunch of small business owners / consultants on OT, so I figured you might have some thoughts…

Our new product [] is going in to public beta, looking for feedback on the design, product concept, what you’d like to see it do, etc.

I’d really prefer constructive criticism, but hey, it’s OT, fire away.

You don’t look angry in our pic lol

overall the site is clean and easy to follow and organized nicely, thinking of trying it out

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help with forcing a table to have 4 columns?

Hey all,

I have a table that’s being generated by our CMS (business catalyst). I cannot specify the cols count in the table attributes… the table gets generated automatically. I did specify that each item would be 180px wide and when there is 4+ products it works out just fine.

The problem I’m having is I want this spacing to stay like this when there is less than 4 products. Currently the table gets rendered with 3 cells if there are 3 products and the cells grow to 240px wide each

HostGator’s 4th of July Sale

Anyone grabbing a 3 year account?

Since when did hostgator change their URL to bit?

edit – ^ beaten

Fuck you trying to sneak in a referral URL.
Just be honest and post it in the first place..
Ban request coming soon for trying to trick OTers.

How to create a bookmark link?

I want to put a simple link on the side of my website to allow a user to bookmark the website. I’m going to have it coded to an image, but I know how to do that part. Is this a relatively tough thing to do? Any help would be appreciated.

Adsense Alternatives?

I’m looking for an adsense alternative for one of my sites.

12k visits / 60k impressions daily,
Traffic is about 30% US, 27% India, 10% UK, and just tapers off into about 150 other countries.

Anyone having success with another platform?

Is it possible to capitalize a domain name in the display url?

Site is wordpress running on apache and I have cPanel access but is it possible for me to rewrite the url in some way to have capital letters in the domains display url?

I know it’s not standard but a client is asking for it.

ex: rather than

My feeling is that browsers might be dropping the capitalization but I can’t get a solid answer.

Not the main URL, only anything after the /

deal with idiots like this all the time, drives you crazy

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SERP tracker

Whats the name of that serp tracker that graphs everything out for you? I thought it was called SEO Scout, but I can’t seem to find it

if it gets answered, don’t delete this thread, so people can get the answer too and come back to it

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