Leading slashes in Google Analytics

One one of my sites, all my pages in have content listings like /http://domain.com
.. is this normal to have a leading slash like that? And to have the reversed order?
Do I need to apply some kind of filter to fix it? Thanks

uh… what?
Those are not valid URLs…
You’re not even on the internet.

Sorry that didn’t make much sense..
When viewing top content in analytics, that is traffic by page on my site, each page is listed with the last portion of the URL moved to the front as such:
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playing with jquery spotlight plugin

im looking for feedback on design (based off of tumblr since i suck at design)
also want to see how it looks on a variety of browsers among different users.

site is to preview probable nsfw sites with a spotlight instead of possibly displaying porn full screen at work.

will appreciate the the feedback.

lol neat.

I would add a scroll button thing in a top corner like you see on Google maps to increase/decrease the size of the flashlight.
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he lives in Joplin where that tornado rolled through and destroyed over half the town

he is ok though

posted this on his facebook

Barely got service. Hope all of my swmo friends are okay. Myself and mine are okay. Thank you for the concern. Let me know if I can help.

I got my shit on lock down

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Link Trading w Directories For Businesses

Does anyone do that still? I started a directory and its free, its a part of my website for the overall company.

It always worked for me in SEO, for mutual links back and forth, but I usually did it on large scale – 100 links for 100 links with large companies on inner pages.

Now the directory is a different take? Anyone know about effective strategies to building this up?

obscure wordpress plugin help request

I have an excel sheet that encompasses a price list for the company I work for. I need to find a wordpress plugin that allows it to be searchable by row and column along the lines of

select space in row 1 -> select space in column 1 -> select space in row 2 -> display price.

In real world use for me, it would look something like

select lens type -> select lens material -> select lens design -> display price.
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Where should I register a domain?

I have 0 experience doing this and I know there are dozens of options. I want to register a .tv domain to redirect to my youtube channel but I’m not sure which website I should do this through. I don’t care about anything except having the traffic redirected to my youtube. Please help me with a solution.


This. Look for my thread in TWL I was debating on where to bulk buy a bunch of domains awhile ago, ended up going with GoDaddy again.

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E-Mail Marketing – Image Display, Should I host or attach images?

Ready to send an e-mail blast out to 6k previous customers. The e-mail will be a simple newsletter with coupons and specials. Part of the e-mail will be text/logo/minor-images. PREFERRED: #1 Option - The BULK portion of the e-mail will be four large images cut up, with all the information in the picture, will photoshop this together. #2 Option – The E-Mail will use web fonts and smaller images of each product. Will still have to use images for the coupons, so putting this all together is way more work than I want it to be.
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Are you really good with jquery? I throw money at you

I need a really good jquery developer to do some shit for me. Its for some fairly intricate things, and there is opportunity for repeat work if you are good.

Basic knowledge of php is a good idea, as I will need you to build working mockups which I will then integrate into the actual site.

PM me with your examples.

$(document).ready(function() {
alert(‘oh hi’);

$(document).ready(function() {
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