Hire-a-coder type websites

the oDesk thread below makes it sound less than reputable.. pharmokan mentioned that freelancer isn’t much better.

I don’t have a ton of cash and I’m not 110% sure I’m ready to hire someone yet, but I might in the near future.

Looking for a script/software that will scrape prices from multiple websites and compare them. Kind of like what the priceblink addon for firefox does.. but I want it to be a huge catalog/CSV (excel) of data. Not only when I type in a product name.
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The Future of Websites? Where websites change based on each person? Live controllers.

Where you can browse a site and a person in the background modifies the site based on what you’re looking at and provides on-screen suggestions and live support and a walk-through.. All while being hidden, they can see your heat-map and cursor in real time. And where you look at a product page and they setup the next page or change the homepage specials to constantly reflect your interests.. All in real time.

A neural network is best suited to this type of thing.

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Currently doing 12 articles on Homepage v. How can I reduce this to 5?

Where in the code can I easily change this from 12 to 5 posts to display on homepage.. Also anyway to do a Read more.. And stop it after one paragraph, currently it’s setup to post everything in the post on the homepage..

Prefer to do like 10 mini-articles on homepage with read more.. If that’s a ton of work, just change the posts from 12 to 5 I guess.

Thanks for your help.


use the more tag to shorten the articles
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GoDaddy .com and .net renewals $7.99, Private Reg $3.99 coupon


Brought my $250 order down to $141.

shit I could have used that earlier this week

EDU to seamlessly move everything to another registrar of comparable quality and prices?

You know what’s annoying about GoDaddy? There’s an option to pay via PayPal but when you log in, you can’t use your existing PayPal balance. You have to add a credit card. wtf? There’s an option to pay with credit card on the GoDaddy site. Why even bother logging into PayPal?

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Anyone a pro at facebook page?? Need some help

I run the local adult soccer league and I’m trying to add a button on the left by like the photos and events ect ect ect
I want to add a button that is named free agents and be able to add names of players looking for teams

I have looked for apps and cant find shit!

Yes! They all suck except for.. Static HTML by Thunderpenny
Add that app to your page, name it whatever you want for the page, then make html/chart with players inside it, put code in done.
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oDesk for SEO and SMM?

Forgive me as I am new to all of this.

I’m having a consulting firm help finish up a webstore and start some SEO stuff for it. It obviously is big money. I am wondering about the effectiveness of these sub $10 an hour so called "SEO/SMM experts."

I basically want to focus on organic search results, and not much cpc stuff, as my transactions are low dollar, which doesn’t make cpc very feasible. And I’d like to grow a presence on Facebook. My main concern is I don’t even know what I need to have done, just the results that I seek.
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recommend me a asp/aspx text editor

I have a coworker whom I’m supposed to be teaching how to script web pages. He doesn’t need to be a super pro or anything; just good enough that if I’m away, he could identify page errors, change code, or at least step through something with my guidance and fix it.

He’s supposed to be learning how to write some basic stuff, server and client-side (vbs, vb.net, dHTML, JScript, etc.) and keeps bitching and moaning about Notepad. I tried Crimson Editor on him, which one of our web dev guys likes, and more crying. PLEASE help me find something to shut this pussy up before I find out if he’s Windows Compatible (by throwing him out of one).
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Http:// vs www. help!

Hey guys,

I set up a temporary site for one of my domains at – don’t mock the site as I know it’s a piece of shit. The site was just a 1 hour build using the hostgator sitebuilder so there is something there until I find the time to do something better. I just have photos with the dingel.ca watermark on my blog so some traffic has been coming to the site and it was just a HostGator page so I wanted something temporary to put up.

Thing is, won’t work and so if you just type dingel.ca in your firefox browser it takes me to a "Firefox can’t find the server at gator1700-da%20vid-primary.hgsiteb%20uilder.com." page. works just fine.
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