Where should I register a domain?

I have 0 experience doing this and I know there are dozens of options. I want to register a .tv domain to redirect to my youtube channel but I’m not sure which website I should do this through. I don’t care about anything except having the traffic redirected to my youtube. Please help me with a solution.


This. Look for my thread in TWL I was debating on where to bulk buy a bunch of domains awhile ago, ended up going with GoDaddy again.

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E-Mail Marketing – Image Display, Should I host or attach images?

Ready to send an e-mail blast out to 6k previous customers. The e-mail will be a simple newsletter with coupons and specials. Part of the e-mail will be text/logo/minor-images. PREFERRED: #1 Option - The BULK portion of the e-mail will be four large images cut up, with all the information in the picture, will photoshop this together. #2 Option – The E-Mail will use web fonts and smaller images of each product. Will still have to use images for the coupons, so putting this all together is way more work than I want it to be.
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Are you really good with jquery? I throw money at you

I need a really good jquery developer to do some shit for me. Its for some fairly intricate things, and there is opportunity for repeat work if you are good.

Basic knowledge of php is a good idea, as I will need you to build working mockups which I will then integrate into the actual site.

PM me with your examples.

$(document).ready(function() {
alert(‘oh hi’);

$(document).ready(function() {
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SEO Crew – It’s been months & I can’t figure out what to do/buy.

Link-pushing, link-wheels, backlinks, link-pyramids, Edu/Gov links, Social Bookmarking, Forum Profiles, Blog commenting, Forum posting, etc. etc. the list goes on forever. And after looking at all these threads on various website marketing forums, I’m pretty much lost. Hoping someone can steer me in the right direction.

Business Site #1
Listed in DMOZ
Backlinks: 180
Domain age: 11 years
Keyword #1: On first page, #4
Keyword #2: On first page, #5
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How do I setup 1 webpage w/ multiple domains (same content)

Currently running wordpress. I want both and to show the exact same site. Same wordpress installation, same theme, same content, etc. WordPress currently supports multiple different sites on one wordpress installation, but not specifically what I am looking for.

Any idea how to do this? I was thinking something with some DNS settings somewhere.. Setup the server to display both domains using the same server path or something

The reason for doing this is I have
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Google Adwords Keyword tool no longer displays CPC

Not sure when they implemented this since I don’t check the keyword tool very often, but I just noticed that the CPC column option has been removed.

Anyone know if there’s an alternative way to view this info?

Didn’t know they had this option.
Spending an average of $2,800 a month in adwords at the moment.
Always looking for new things to take a look at to get more keywords or lower to cpc.

Wait, it seems that you have to be logged into your adwords account now in order to get that info.

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other people having trouble opening files I worked on.

I have been working website using dreamweaver to edit the pages. When I am viewing the pages through dreamweaver via ftp everything is fine I can edit the pages no problem. Im using Dreamweaver cs3 on OSX. Now when other people are trying to edit the pages via whatever editing software, they say they can’t edit the pages. All the text is on the bottom of the page and the layout is screwed up.

What is going on Is there something wrong with my copy of dreamweaver (which is legit) or what?

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Google Places / Google Search is now no longer linked? *sigh* help all :(


My practice (Active Spine and Joint Center) is having some somewhat major problems with google results. When you search for several search terms it doesn’t list my google places account. About 3 months ago it listed it correctly, our places page and website together. Now its a clusterfuck.

OT how can I resolve this? I’ve tried several things but should have posted here first. Thanks all

The reason it matters is because we have legitimate reviews that when people see them, they give us a chance and we can help compared to the fake reviews a lot of the guys in town have started putting up.

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