Sticky Post in WordPress? How can I do this?

I have a salesperson blog and need to sticky each salesperson’s bio on top of the other posts. The other posts will be them blogging about products, and news, sales, etc PER their individual category. I’m going to start researching but I figured someone on here might be able to help me out first..

Is there anyway to stick the post on the homepage only?
Anyway to sticky the post on the individual category page only?

Also I’m worried about this problem..
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What text editors are people using

Ok, I was made a mod in here and I am trying to get more topics going so it can be more helpful in here about web design and what not

Recently I have started to use Sublime Text 2, the reason is because I can use it both on my PC Desktop and my Macbook Pro and I have heard a lot of good things about it

I used to use that, and then notepad++

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jQuery help – animation

Hey guys

does anybody know of a jquery script that controls the display of an image based on the position of the cursor?

Basicly I have a animation of 20 pngs and I that to be display when the cursor is moved from left to right with a slight blend effect. Like turning pages in a book.

I love questions like this.

It’s fucking jQuery. Write it yourself.

There are thousands of ready scripts out there. A quick google search came up with nothing that totally matched my requirements so I just thought I would give it a try here before I write it myself.

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best way to sell an AdSense site?


I would assume that if you’re putting an AdSense site on there you should disable AdSense so the fuckwads don’t clickbomb you for fun.

How do you price it? 12-24 months revenue?

Also, how do you sell a private reg site? Everyone says it’s hard but I’ve never heard a straight answer.

I usually do 12 months revenue unless the site has a solid track record(read: 3+ years online generating revenue).

I’ve never had problems selling a private reg’d site.

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Looking for a PPC company to publish ads on my 1.5M pageviews/mo site

Like the title says, I’m looking for a company to use so I can publish some ads on a personal site of mine that gets around 1.5M pageviews a month.

Unfortunately I can’t use Adsense because the site’s wrapped in SSL, but I’ve been told there are a lot of companies out there that serve SSL ads as well.

I applied to AdKnowledge this morning but would like to have a couple other options as well to fall back on in case that doesn’t go through. I’m just not sure what companies are reputable and not. Searching on google is tough because of all the SEO spamming those sites do so it’s really hard to get any real reviews about them.

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What is the replacement for forum style message boards these days?

Landlines in many situations have turned into nothing but a token of local presence just like having a verifiable physical office in a local community.

Payphones are going away away. The few that we still have are 50c to $1 per call. Cell phones have replaced landlines in many places. Text message replaced some calls and email.

Email replaced physical mail for most parts.

I know online community boards are on decline, but I can’t think of what we have now to replace the common interest based gathering place.
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"SEO people" are slow.

You know those guys who don’t code, don’t really know anything about web development, but claim they’re SEO specialists? I hate you. You don’t know shit about the internet. Every experience I have with you has been nothing short of you being retarded.

Please change careers.

SEO is so simple. I don’t know why anyone would need to hire anyone else to do it for them.

lol, every sub-industry is the same. Some know their stuff and some sell hype. I prefer those that don’t make promises and rather show specifics on what they do to build SEO out. But again, all types of specialties have these same asshats.
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