Made $0.04 off Youtube this month.

Ballin, it’s a good start. , With like 60 videos, still have to upload about 800 more.

Because these videos are getting anywhere from 20-250 views a week each, and are growing each day. Also I don’t have time to focus on only a few. My goal is to just upload as many videos as possible, I have about 600-800 high-quality 2-10 min each that are in demand, all done by a professional company and finished just need to upload and name, etc (bitch work). I figure upload 800 videos, at 2 views a day each, that’s 1600 views a day. Per month that’s 48,000 a month.. Raise that to only 10 views a day each, that’s 240,000 views a month. It’s all a numbers game. I think I could do about 30 views a day each on each of them, that’s about 720K views a month, almost a million views a month, or 12 million a year. Also it’s for a company so, getting free brand awareness, etc. So even if I don’t generate $, I’m still promoting for free.
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Can i get email notification each time error_log added/increase?So faster to response

Each time our site got error messages, is stored in a home/username/public_html/error_log file, in ftp right?

i wonder can i get notification to email each time new error message added/increased? the response or notification is the most important, so can fixing the problem asap, and since some of us not to often accessing+checking the ftp

I guess you could run a cron job and check if the file size has increased, and if so send an email to yourself.

Rather than get incredibly annoyed by constant emails. Just have a page on the domain that is PW protected and display it there so you just hit it whenever? Much faster/easier and you wont get loads of emails all the time.

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Any Drupal devs hang out around here?

Any Drupal devs?

We’re moving to Drupal to power our network of sites.
Curious if anyone has any experience managing deployment of sites across a dev, staging, and live environment.

It’s looking to be a difficult process.

is doing some interesting stuff in that space.. it is a hosted solution though AFAIK.

Moving code from one branch to another can be made a lot easier if you use git or drush and .

Moving content is annoying as shit, though. I’ve used in D6, and it works well enough, but then you have to sync your files directory, and moving any sort of configuration over can quickly become a pain. There’s still no stable release of it for D7, though. In D7, you’re better off getting rid of the staging environment and just setting up a good workflow on production. There are several good modules for that: , , , etc
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Hi TWL Crew.

I went through the affiliate thread in the main forum. Good too see people are still around.

How’s everyone been?

whats better linkshare or commission function

Word to the wise.

Anyone who wants to do software development as a professional, please learn Python.


haha my favorite idiom, word to the wise.

Anyone who wants to do software development as a professional, please learn Python.
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Question about domain legal issues

A client of mine started their business in 2010. They started the company before they had a domain name, and when they tried to register the .com for their name they found out it was taken. They registered the .net instead and they’ve been using it ever since.

The .com wasn’t being used in 2010, it wasn’t even parked. After we launched the .net site (in 2010), my client contacted the owner asking if he could buy it, and the owner responded by parking it on one of those generic ad pages. I think that my client has emailed the .com owner a few times asking if we can buy the domain, but he either hasn’t received a reply or he hasn’t received a reasonable offer. So the .com remained parked on ads until a couple of months ago.
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