WordPress Crew. How To Make Diffrent Ads Show Per Each Catagory?

Have a featured ad section..

ie cooking category shows cooking ads.
ie car category shows car ads.

This is on the sidebar, not sure how to set this up.

Here’s a plugin that would work I think but it hasn’t been updated for a long time

maybe this

Do you mean contextual like adsense or just manually edit them in?

Thanks guys.. ! , manually edited, have a 2nd section dedicated to Adsense only ads.
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is there a site that handles pay to download .pdfs?

I don’t want to have to handle this manually (like seeing who pays me and then emailing them a .pdf).

Is there a site where I can set it up that someone pays via paypal and then they get either a one-time download link or they get a .pdf sent to them automatically?

Shopify does this though im sure there is a cheaper/easier solution


Use pay button/link, can change to paypal button. They pay directly on PayPal, they get direct download..

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are anyone else’s AdSense clicks low this month?

My number of visitors is about average, but I’m barely getting any clicks at all this month.

I’ve seen a few other people mention this on other forums. Is this happening to anyone here?

I never get many clicks

1000-1500 hits per day

1 or 2 clicks

I’m actually up this month with Adsense, lol. But the internet this month has been incredibly slow.
My Amazon is down like 30% though, ugh.. Mostly since I haven’t done much promoting or work lately..

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good cheapish host that includes invision board?

Whats a good cheapish hosting site? Also wud like one that includes ipb invision forum software download..if thats a thing. I dont have the $ for vbulletin

. Went through my cpanel and the only easy install forums they have listed through fantastico is phpbb and SMF. However, one of the two will be all you need. Don’t think they make a free IPB invision self hosted board. I could be wrong though

They do however have this which would be completely free but you’d be limited in the things you can do with it.
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paid gig: minor CSS coding for shopify page, and ShareASale manager/ad designer

Needing help with a couple different things.

I have a current working template based Shopify store, I need some simple changes done. It should be some simple/minor CSS coding. Need to change the color/gradient of the menu bar and possibly some homepage gallery re-skinning.

Also, I need someone to help getting a ShareASale merchant account moving. Need some help with ad design, and recruiting affiliates.

So you decided to go for the in house affiliate thing afterall? …figures after I just got done setting up my amazon store in an attempt to earn commissions that way lol.
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Getting around anti-spam / spoofing problems with WP forms

Running WP for several years, no problems running Contact Form 7 as a plugin. My host, Dreamhost, and a few others I’ve checked out, including bluehost.com, have started to implement anti-spam policies that basically prohibit the spoofing of an email address in a contact form.

A visitor to a site fills out Name / Email on the form, the email in my inbox says it’s from the visitor, even though it’s been sent through my web host.

Dreamhost tech support solution to this is to change the From email in Contact Form 7 to be an email address associated with a domain name hosted with them. That works and everything is fine, but not in practical application.
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Would You Be Comfortable Advertising Your Site On OT?

I’ve done it once before, loved the traffic, great way to promote a site.. But a part of me still thinks it’s a bad idea.. Had one advertiser that was angry because someone click-bombed their ads.. Other than that, add in domain privacy, what else would there be to cover?

I used to get a decent amount of traffic from a site I made for OT. ould I advertise? fuck no. You could get way more hits for cheaper on other sites.

Money doesn’t really matter.. The word of mouth from the site ftw. Plus I could make that $ back easily enough.

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301 Redirect .htaccess issue

I have 4 different domains that I’m consolidating into one domain with three subdomains. Each domain is it’s own WordPress installation. For now, I just put all four WordPress installations on the new server as it’s own instance. Sloppy, I know, but time was important.

Here’s the problem. I need to do 301 redirects for SEO purposes. For the most part, this was effortless. I’m running into trouble with the master domain though. Since the subdomains are hosted in a folder on the same server, they are picking up the .htaccess rules at the root and causing a redirect loop.
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is there a way to short hand redirects?

Say I have like 100 pages that I am no longer using and I want to redirect them all to my homepage.

Can I do that without having 100 Redirect lines in .htaccess?

Ideally I would like something that says "if URL is not in sitemap.xml, then 301 redirect to www.domain.com"

Is there a way to do that or do I need 100 Redirect lines?

Yeah it’s WordPress. What do you mean "just program it into wp"? Is there a redirect option/menu somewhere?
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