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First off, I now the sites wack in FX, I’m gonna work on it.

Secondly, in IE the menu on the left disappears when I hover over a link in the body such as "Buy Here", but not in the gray footer section below. Any ideas?

Thirdly, anything quick off the top of your head, or a link to copyright, reserved, trademarks; all that type of shit, would be awesome. I’m just trying not to get sued.

And if you feel so inclined, note anything that you’d change. Feedback is godly.
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Any reliable registrars with free private registration? or cheaper than godaddy?

I have to renew 9 domains at Godaddy right now and I’ve just spend the last hour testing out various coupons, and the best one (gdbb776) only gets the price down to $141.94.

I heard gives free private reg. Is that true? Is it hard to switch existing domains (hosted by hostgator) from godaddy to another registrar? Will stuff get fucked up somehow during the process or can I have a smooth seamless move with no downtime and no bullshit anywhere along the line?

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My blog

lol domain name

Doubt you care but I see a couple things I don’t like and kinda bug me.

1. The length of some of your posts. I hate seeing posts that take up two lines. Maybe it’s just me?

2. Those little monitor icons in the sidebar look way out of place.

3. Your excerpts need to be longer or your thumbnails need to be smaller.

I kinda like the layout in general though. Perfect domain name for you Think it would look better with those changes mentioned and maybe have navigation hover image stay for whatever page you’re one.
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Anyone interested in helping me embed a wordpress/blog section into my site?

I’m not good enough to figure out how to make it look correct. I have template files from the main site to dictate look & feel, and just attempted to do it myself.

2 hrs gone, and I’ve failed horribly

Pls let me know if you’re available / how much it will cost

halp me 14 people that looked at this thread

This is a really good tutorial on how to embed your wp theme into your website:

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Hrm, how to price for a buy out? :o

So, I was contacted today about interest in my iPhone App – they asked about several options and really I’d rather sell it outright then deal with SLA’s and shit.

I really haven’t made much with it yet – it has moved but meh. I’d rather rinse my hands and move on to something else.

Anyone have advice for this with this kind of thing?

Would the easiest be to figure out what it would cost them to develop and deduct a %? I mean it took me 4 months and Iknew what i was doing
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HTML designer cr00: how would you go about modeling this div

if i wanted to have information inside a "picture frame" that looks like this

how would you go about coding it so that text is inside, no scrollbar

would you use old fashioned tables with backgrounds of the segment of the frame

top, top left, top right, middle (y-repeat), bottom, bottom right, bottom left

or would you use divs and floats with same segments mentioned above?

can you avoid using segments? will it be a bitch to get it working right?

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[PHP] Replacing exact words

Hi guys, below are simple replacing script a word in to another word, or censorship

[PHP]$word = array(

$link = array(

$this->post['message'] = str_ireplace($word, $link, $this->post['message']);[/PHP]

the problem its currently also replacing another words like

Buying domain names.

What site do you guys do this at? I s’pose it doesn’t matter right?

I bought one @ a while back but I’m not sure if they’re any good or not because I need hosting too.

I’m going to start a couple sites using WordPress (one blog and a personal portfolio) and I s’pose I should add that I am a complete noob.

yes it matters.


I buy all my domains at godaddy, but I would never use them for hosting

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