How do I use submit button?

If ask too many questions let me know…I’m learning as I go. I am trying to help a small volunteer department out by getting all their run reports online. I threw together a basic little report based on their current one.

Some things I want to do, but not sure how to do…

-Make the page only accessible with individual username/password combination
-When the submit button is clicked, it uses the currently logged in username to "Sign" the report and send it as a .pdf or even a .htm to an email for approval
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question about SEO

I was wondering, for you people who work on SEO a lot, what percentage of it depends on site design, and what depends site popularity and external links.

This is why you dont have plaintext sql databases

this is why you don’t leave yourself vulnerable to sql injection attacks, or store passwords in clear text

Hashing isn’t that much better these days
The availability of rainbow tables as well as cloud computing power to generate the rainbox tables even fresh ones with hash + salt very quickly means that any leakage of database information puts you at risk.

Anyone have any experience with WordPress and webhosting?

Trying to use WordPress & ComicPress for a new website hosted by Bravenet.
Key word is "Trying".

If anyone has any experience in this send me a PM because I’m having a hell of a time.

Thanks and all that.

what problem(s) are you having?

I’ll get back to you on that. The project is stationed in Seattle where I was when I posted that. But now Im MUCH closer to Portland.

And thanks for the links, I’ll send those off right away. They look extremely helpful.
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Lots of traffic coming from Network Location: microsoft corp

I’m trying to work out what this traffic is.

I’m looking after an Australian bookstore. When looking at my analytics, I noticed we are getting 2,477 Visits from New York. After looking into it, I can see that
they are mostly from the network location microsoft corp.

They are all new visits and they have a 100% bounce rate. They also have 0 time on site.

Anyone know what this could be? Is it Bing indexing?


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So has anything changed in this world? Searched and found some older posts talking about how it needed more development time, and it was kinda hard to work with. That still the case?

Anyone have any new thoughts/opinions? What’s the new hotness in cart’s?

I’m needing a cart setup with some features I’m not currently finding on OS-C. Specifically:

Tiered Pricing
In-Stock E-Mail notification
Multiple pics per item
Coupon Codes
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So facebook finally shut me down… copyright lawsuit

Accordingly, we were concerned when we learned of your registration and use of As we hope you can appreciate, protection of its trademarks is very important to Facebook. Your registration and use of violates the Lanham Act (15 U.S.C. 1051 et seq.) because it infringes and dilutes the famous Facebook trademark.
Infringement occurs when a third party

blackhat > *

that is all.

fuck working hard.

that is all.

fuck working hard.

yeah good luck peddling away for a few hundred buck a week, whatever you do you’ll get shutdown by the man within a matter of month, and all you have to show for it is $3-4k tops and then what? just sitting around with your thumb up your ass

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when does that law go into effect when you have to delcare your affiliate links?

And what’s the penalty if you don’t? A fine?

Went to effect on the first of this month.

that ftc site has videos? I fucking hate it when I click on something that is supposed to be informative and it’s a video. I don’t want to watch a video. I want an article and/or summary.

– skim it, find important points, profit

– wait for it to load
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In-text advertising. Who do you use?

I’ve never really wanted to use in-text but I have someone bugging me from They might have me talked in to trying it on a limited basis to just those who access my pages via a search engine.

Is vibrantmedia a decent company to go with or should I look into some other place like maybe kontera?

kontera sucks. never tried vibrant media.

why are they hasseling you? what kind of traffic do you get? what kind of niche?

Publisher. Midget porn without the nudity and a decent amount of traffic… 15 million pageviews a month.

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