MySQLPHP halp!

I’m trying to learn me some mysqlphp but this just has me stumped.

Im following the tutorial and so everything was ok but when we got to the the INSERT INTO tut and the code keeps throwing this error:

Parse error: parse error, expecting `’,” or `’;” in C:wampwwwsqltutsday2.php on line 8

The code is
mysql_query("INSERT INTO example (firstname, lastname, name) VALUES (‘Timmy’, ‘Mellowman’, ‘’ ) ");
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fucking javascript is pissing me off. Anyone help wiht some basic encryption?

So basically i need to encrypt one html line.

Let’s say it’s a link, so <a href="">google</a>

Thing is, the href or src is actually a php variable which changes, so it’d actually be

<a href="<?php $website;?>">google</a>

How can i go about encrypting this into javascript?

Maybe I’m missing something or I’m a bit rusty or I’m just dumb, but I honestly have no idea what you mean by "encrypt." What sort of encryption are you talking about?

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PHP reformat/indent/unobfuscate from shell

I’ve been Googling for an hour or so now, and every PHP "pretty printer" slash reformatter slash indenter is either junk or GUI-based.

I need something that actually works from the shell. If you have actual experience with such a beast, pleast post. I need to unravel some obfuscated PHP, and there’s like 20 files.

I have no idea what you’re trying to do… thus no way to try to help

I need a way to turn

line; line; for (loop) { command; command; } line;

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Logo/Banner Needed – $50.00 Paypal

We have a winner! See post 17. – Thanks everyone

I need a logo/banner for a website I am starting. The current one is just not that good and I am trying to upgrade to make it more professional and sharper.

The logo/banner needs to be 760px

Drupal: Help creating a block with a custom form

I could not find a module that would let me create a form with custom fields and put it in a block, so I decided to do a little work…

I created a block with a form.
Form goes to a page created in drupal with php filter to send the contents of the form as an email, and then redirect the user to thank-you.php.

The php code is from mail script I have been using for a long time, works with any forms I create.

I am not sure what to really do, not very proficient in php at all.
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Is my site User Friendly?

My site i think is easy to navigate on and quite self explanatory. I have had some customers that were confused about how certain things worked, what do you guys think? The home part of the website is worse i know but thats not our main focus right now. automotive is what really needs to be good

I think it’s fine, and a good looking site too.

thanks! i tried to make it as idiot proof as possible lol

I visited your site having no idea who you are or what you do.
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what do these errors mean? v.screenshots



Happens when I try to log into a blog dashboard.

I cleared cookies and it still happens. Is this an error on my computer or is their server fux0red?

Sounds like a mod_rewrite problem… have you changed anything in this respect (in your .htaccess file)?

No. The blogs are hosted on some WPMU site. I just go to their home page and log in. I don’t have access to .htaccess or anything else.

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Just like a little critique of my new website…

I just finished my website, so far at least…

I’m looking for some critique / comments. Also have a question about the contact form.

When I set it to send emails to my email addresses which use Google Apps then it errors and fails to send.

So what I did is create a gmail account, and just have the account forward to my account hosted by Google Apps.

Is this a common problem? Or a problem in the code, I’m very confused…

Here is the URL:
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