I’m at sybariteelites office if you do any aff marketing let me know

I can get you approved since I’m at their offices right now visiting just pm me and put in thomor25 in the info box.

what the hell, just did it lol

put down in the business description I know you lol

sweet I’m stopping by copeacs and azoogles offices this week.

i thought you were just bragging again, my apologies.

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how do I get a test directory off of google’s results?

i own domain.com

when you search for my site, google returns this:


See how it’s in a test folder? That was just something for testing purposes. How do I get rid of it so it stops appearing on google? It’s just a 404 error page now anyway.

If there’s no way, should I just make it a redirect to my homepage?

301 redirect the page to your homepage.. pretty sure google starts ignoring redirects? (I could be wrong, just something I saw somewhere)

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Let users submit images v. wordpress

I have this wordpress site I’m about to roll out that I’ll need people to be able to go to a submit page and upload a picture in a contact form type deal that’ll email to me or store on my server. Any ideas? I’ve tried a bunch of plugins like contact form 7 but it gives me all these permissions errors () I also tried the contact form by yoast but that doesn’t have attachment functionality ()

help is much appreciated bros

maybe you could use something like this
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Loves It…

When offers "don’t" scrub or… don’t have any other problems.

Offer A converts at 11% and 30% consistently for 2 months from 2 separate traffic sources. (500 clicks a day)

Switch to a same, but new offer yesterday for a conversion rate of 0%.

I ran 2 test’s and both came out with 0 leads.


Fuck you and your offer.

This is why I’m generally of the mindset: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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newbie question

Yes I’m a huge lurker but I been here for a while

I got a question for you guys that have sites running, I recently bought the domain "miami city info .com" and was planning on making it, putting a bunch of information in there, hopefully get decent traffic, contact some business and try to get ads from them and google.

Do you guys think the effort is worth it? will I make a few bucks a month or is it a total waste of time?

This would be my first website so I have little to no experience in running it
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FileZilla FTP and ASO

Using the ASO Tiny, shared package. I have another client using the shared Small package.

Tried to upload some stuff tonight and I couldn’t get a full connection.

Tried every other clients webspace in the same FTP app (FileZilla) and they all worked flawlessly. Even the one with the small package on ASO.

I’m wondering if the "shared" part is just taking up too much bandwidth on their servers or something, so I’m being rejected?

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