xss exploit, proof of concept

I work with a specific large vendor product and I am trying to do a proof of concept that with a bit if XSS, really bad things can happen.

Now, is this possible:

Lets say I am using IE/Chrome, the site the user is browsing has a directory of files.

Is it possible using JS to take one of those files and upload to an external site?

I’ve got all the pieces done I need to besides the download / upload mechanism.

Can this be done with FormData? (Honestly, I have barely enough time to keep up with the latest JS crap)
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Anyone into vps security?

Currently running a little proxy website which uses socks5.

This proxy is ONLY to be used for skype atm and i want to eliminate as much security holes as I can.

-So far all i was able to do was change default ssh port.
-Block port 80 and some default torrent tracker ports. Would be nice to block the entire ability to use bittorent but not sure how that’d affect skype.
-edited /etc/security/limits.conf to hard maxlogins 0 so they wont have ssh access.
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Web hosting

I’ve never dealt with anything other than shared hosting my whole life and have no idea if I should move to a VPS or dedicated or stick with shared hosting.

I have a site that’s based off a wordpress theme, has many plugins, and stitched together with my shoddy programming. It works for now at least!

At the peak of this site I expect only to have maybe a few hundred people on the site at the same time. The site is all text via wordpress plugins, little/no images.
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Why is IE putting tons of extra space around images in cells?

I need a PayPal button to appear in some table cells.

This is what is happening:

This is what I would expect to happen:

The only code in the cell is the <form> code generated by PayPal.

All other cells in the row are like one word so there’s nothing big or tall that is throwing off the formatting.

it’s probably because you touch yourself

It’s because you’re using tables for layout.

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*** Display recent WordPress posts on NON-WordPress site??? v.plugin?

I’m trying to add recent posts from a client’s WP blog to the main page of his website (which is non-wordpress). Is there a way to do this?

I’ve found lots of plugins to do this for WP sites, but not for NON-WP sites.

Any help is greatly appreciated

Just write a manual query, no need for a plugin. It would be about 15 lines of code.

Hmm.. Yeah, I’m not a programmer, so I wouldn’t know how to go about that

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WordPress issues

I’m trying to edit a site with wordpress (site was originally designed with it) and there are 2 pages that when I click on the pages list then Edit for the page(s) in question, the editor shows content that is several years old.

In the editor I can change the title of the page and it will display correctly on the preview and published pages but I cannot change any of the page content.

If I click the Preview link it shows the page as it is currently.

Edit page: (this is the content that is several years old – I can make any changes here and it does not affect the preview or published page). I can however, change the page title and the changes take place in the preview and published page.
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Book recommendations for a beginner

I just landed a summer internship contingent upon me presenting a working remote Microsoft SQL Sever database with login privileges, superuser access, and the ability for users to add new entries to the database.

I have experience with SQL and I’ve created a database before, but I was completely walked through how to set it up and make it remotely accessible. I don’t remember any of the specifics.

I need to figure this out and get it up and running by the end of the month. Anyone have any book or website recommendations that have a lot of good knowledge on this topic?
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Can you design a site with Photoshop or just basic code

I am in the process of re-relearning html along with CSS.
I remember taking a class in college years ago, however the way we used to do webdesign back then was by building it in Photoshop and exporting it with Adobe GoLive.

Now, people use Adobe Dreamweaver (CSS based).

I am at the point of re-relearning all the basics and designing the concept behind my webpage and photshop would be really helpful for this.

Anyways, how should I learn this?
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