you guys like that parallax shit?

the parallax isn’t noticeable or necessary on mollar

and most of the super scroll animations are annoying

I think its pretty good on mollar, better when subtle

I actually hate this site but they use parallax quite a bit more and their list of clients is impressive

it’ll pass don’t pay much attention to it…

How would you know the benefits of utilizing it on an application that hasn’t been executed on? Did you read what you typed before replying?

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Geez GoDaddy is expensive

I didn’t care when I only had like 5 domains, but now I have like 50 and it’s $10 whatever to renew and then another $10 for private reg? lol no.

I have a coupon that gets it down to $8.67 per .com renewal and $3.99 per private reg, so $12.66 per private renewal, but still.

How much of a hassle is it to change to Namecheap? Will there be any downtime in the process? Can I keep my private reg? Also, how long does it take? I have a few that need to be renewed ASAP but the next batch is expiring in 3/2013. Can I change those over in time?
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anyone doing dynamic UI’s with JavaScript?

Web App I am building out – just rendering it with HTML was getting BLOATED. We were seeing 1.18MB pages, lol – now I am down to 40kb

So I went back to the drawing board and jump all the data into the page using JSON, and with that – dynamically build the views on the client.

The beauty is, no more post backs at all, I just do ajax for everything. I can rebuild the entire ui with a command when data changes from the server.

It has been years since I’ve done this, any pitfalls to watch out for?

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Yet another question; why are my other pages shifting?

I created an index page, then a subpage. However, my subpage is shifting a few pixels to the sides from the original. Why is this happening? The code for the sub-page is the same is no different from the index save a modified div that is still centered.

Is one page long enough to render a scroll bar, and the other isn’t?

Pulling complete form

Is there any way you know of to grab all of the stores in the stores list say in the following search form?

We are trying to make a mapping system, and can not figure out how to get complete lists. I am willing to learn.


Our solution to a similar problem was to write a server side script in Perl.

Is there any way you know of to grab all of the stores in the stores list say in the following search form?
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Redirect page for outdated browsers

Anyone know any ready to go resource? I don’t feel like designing my own

Alternative: Use something like Modernizr to detect certain features and then create a workaround. For example a site I’m use on uses 3D text-transforms for aesthetics, but using modernizr I can catch browsers that don’t support that CSS3 feature and work around it.

cloudflare ftw, didn’t even realize I had that app option
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4 D database

I am working on an ODBC integration with a customer that has a 4 D database. Cannot get a write back to work through our web application. It uses an Active X to the DSN.

Does anyone know anything about 4 D?