what’s the ‘difficulty curve’ of getting certain levels of traffic?

I’m interested in the perspective of people who have sites with a large amount of traffic (several thousand to tens of thousand or even more per day).

Is there a ‘bell-curve’ of difficulty? is it a linear growth, exponential, exponential to a point then difficult?

I have gone from 0 to ~500/day in a shorter time than any previous site I have ever made (40 days) without doing any seo at all, any real marketing, etc — only word of mouth. Not to mention the volume is more than any site I’ve made unless I was heavily advertising. i’m wondering if this is a good sign or just average.
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AdSense Problems

(I know I know, google probably has a page for this..)

Have you guys had issues with domains already being setup with adsense by the previous owner.. and now you are out of luck because of it? I guess my Google-Fu sucks today cause I can’t really find anything that relates to my situation.

Basically I submitted my domain for adsense and received a mail saying we appreciate your application however you have already been approved using a different account. One way or the other I managed to find out it was registered in
/* */
which according to the password reset page is registered to a user in afganistan.
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did AdSense just change its format?

Ok when you’re looking at like monthly performance or whatever and it shows you the chart, I swear there used to be an option where you could add things to the chart like views, clicks, etc. You could overlay them or view them separately. I can’t find it. Am I just missing it or did they remove that option?

Oh wait I found it, you have to click the banner to get them now rather the using the drop down

Mail Server

I own one of these temporary email sites and it’s actually pretty popular. Maybe too popular at the moment.

I bought a server just to handle the 30 million or so emails it is receiving.
I currently run sendmail, dovecot, spamassassin and awstats but I am not tied to it.

if you were to build a new mail server, what software would you use as your mail server? pop Server? Despam? Stats?

30mm emails over what time period? Daily?

5 or 10. And only 1 account and it gets popped every 30 seconds.
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[WHM reseller] Cant change email address in DNS records

Hi guys, i have a reseller account, i want to change my email

i already change the email in WHM > List accounts > the primary domain > Change Contact Email

also in the hosting company WHMCS (the place that i bought this reseller account) > Client Area > My Details > Email Address

then i check my domain using domainwhitepages.com, but in the DNS records > email > its still says my old email address

please help, how to make the email in dns records changed to new email address, for current sites, and new sites that i will add again later

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how much do you guys charge for website design and hosting?

I’m just talking about a simple site for a little company, not like a big site with complicated stuff. Like 5 pages total.

Do you charge them for the domain name and then you keep possession of it?

How much do you charge for hosting per month?

I dont do any static sites anymore because I hate the hassle of updating, text changes etc.

So a small drupal site without any special content or view types I charge around 2k$ + 20$ a month hosting.

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