Any Amazon Webstore developers and SEO guys want work?$$$$

I hired a company to design a webstore, which is pretty limited in what Amazon will allow you to do, and is slot and widget based. Plus, SEO work for the site when it launches.

They’ve done an excellent job at pissing me off, by making multiple promises and not delivering.

So I’m wondering, if anyone knows anything about the Webstore, or wants to give it a shot. The reason why I’m using the webstore is because I’m a 100% Fulfilled by Amazon business and it interfaces with their fulfillment centers natively.
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Good place for GoDaddy hosting codes?

I have a code that gets me a domain for $1.99, but for the first time since I worked for them eight years ago, I’m looking to get hosting from them. I’ve searched Google for some codes, and found a few, but I was wondering if anyone on OT had some.

That said I know that most replies are going to be about how X is better and cheaper, but I’m going with GoDaddy right now for my own reasons, and I’m looking to get some answers to my question, not start a debate.

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I think I broke the internet

go to one of your wordpress pages that has a few revisions, click on one of the revisions at the bottom

then using the "compare this revision to that" radio button thingy, set a revision to compare to itself

I won’t spoil it for you, but its epic

baked out of my mind at 2 in the morning when I saw this shit, was fucking hilarious

Specialist or jack of all trades?

I am going to potentially be looking for someone to make a small, 3 page site for me in the near future. Basically it will be a home page with a signup form (that ties in to paypal to purchase the subscription to a physical product) an about page and then maybe a contact info page.

While I have a rough draft of the site layout in mind, I need graphics done for it, SEO, the actual webbuilding, tying in to paypal etc done. Is it common to hire a single person to do all of this or would I need to look for a graphics designer then a site builder who knows SEO etc?
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Intuit GoPayment

Anyone using this card reader for their freelance? I just got it in the mail and have not used it yet on a client, but just reading up on it, I like it better than square.

Made $0.04 off Youtube this month.

Ballin, it’s a good start. , With like 60 videos, still have to upload about 800 more.

Because these videos are getting anywhere from 20-250 views a week each, and are growing each day. Also I don’t have time to focus on only a few. My goal is to just upload as many videos as possible, I have about 600-800 high-quality 2-10 min each that are in demand, all done by a professional company and finished just need to upload and name, etc (bitch work). I figure upload 800 videos, at 2 views a day each, that’s 1600 views a day. Per month that’s 48,000 a month.. Raise that to only 10 views a day each, that’s 240,000 views a month. It’s all a numbers game. I think I could do about 30 views a day each on each of them, that’s about 720K views a month, almost a million views a month, or 12 million a year. Also it’s for a company so, getting free brand awareness, etc. So even if I don’t generate $, I’m still promoting for free.
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