AWS rolls out SMS Service

$0.75/100 messages, seems pretty competitive

Dear Amazon SNS Customer,

We are excited to announce that Amazon Simple Notification Service now supports SMS text messages as a new method for notifications. SMS (also known as Short Message Service) is one of the most widely used messaging applications in the world. With support for SMS text messaging, Amazon SNS messages can be delivered to SMS-enabled cell phones and smart phones.

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anyone used elegantthemes or flexithemes before?

Considering buying a membership to get the themes but I wanted to see if anyone here had used them before.

If so, are they fairly straight forward plug-and-play? I hate themes that look awesome on the demo page and look totally different when you install them.

i have used them before, rocking one on a business blog right now

So they’re legit? They don’t hide links in the footer do they?

Webmaster & Designer Resource Thread – Building a Collection of Links and Sites

Every time I find a site with freebies or something worth sharing I’m gone to post it in this thread and try to build a collection of resources and links. Feel free to share sites you visit or good sites to follow, I’m always searching for new content/freebies/etc.

Lots of free vectors, psd, and web graphics.

Variety of everything web and design related.

If you use adsense on your sites

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This might be a bad question.. But 8 domains/sites on same host, same keywords? Rank?

Well thinking here, and this is prob a really bad question but.. Let’s say I have 4 sites on the same server, and they have different domains, different content, same template/slight-modified, but all are SEO’d for the same keyword group.. Would search engines just only select one? Or am I just over-thinking this, and all of them would rank regardless..

I’m worried search engines will see, all 4 sites are on the same server, going after the same keywords, and use a similar template.. But then again they all have different content, different domains, slightly modified templates..
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Random idea for WML

It’d be pretty cool organize some sort of WML conference line where each week 1 person talks about their expertise in a particular industry – presenting it to the rest of the group.

I’m sure we could learn a lot from each other (as cliche as that sounds). For example, I have quite a bit of expertise in the mobile space (iPhone, Android).


interesting idea, but I doubt it would happen

This wont happen because of foul members in the past. If you want to connect, get to know people and connect, being publicly open has been proven here to be somewhat of a bad idea.

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cease and desist letter and service marks

On Friday I received a cease and desist letter from this domain that was very similar to one that I had an old blog on. My non profit blog apparently was violating their service mark and my domain name was very similar to theirs. I had no idea what a service mark was (I’ve only heard of trade marks before) anyway (the letter was from the Vice President not a lawyer) they requested I take down my site and also hand over the auth code for the domain – they gave me a 10 day period or else they would take legal action.
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anyone use cloudflare?

No, but mediatemple offers it.. I was thinking about doing it.

you’ll notice a big diff in page load speed bra

nahhh yo, that shit makes my website go down

No, Varnish is faster/better than cloudflare at least on the sites I tried it on. Cloudflare is probably much easier to set up though

cloudflare has a pretty good arsenal of third party apps thats easy to install on ur server for debugging/analytics type services better than anything i have ever seen.

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