Making a debt clock

I want to make something similar to that for a miniproject to learn php/web programming. I’m assuming it is using javascript? Does anyone know how to make one from scratch or can link to a tutorial? Much help would be greatly appreciated.

.xxx sites for porn

I just saw this being offered on

Think it will take off or be massive fail like every other new extension they’ve tried to use?

I personally thing EVERY single porn site should have to have the xxx extension to it. Just my $.02

I thought I read somewhere that it will not be available to the general public till December

I "applied" for a few of their domains a while ago before the launch.

Got an email from them with more detail (I didn’t read it before) and the public won’t have a shot at most of the names… or at least the good ones.
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The new Adsense interface gives a lot of errors v.pic

I see this >50% of the time I click "last month", and I see it 100% of the time if I try to view two different overviews back to back.

For example, click "Custom channels, today." It shows them (sometimes). Then click back and click on yesterday, this month, or last month, and I get that error.

Also, why is there no "since last payment" on the new Adsense interface, but there is on the old one?

The old interface works just fine and has no errors

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E-commerce site won’t work for me

Hey guys,
Got a weird issue here, I own an e-commerce store and I’m unable to get to view the site from my browser. However:

  • Everyone that I know can see the site fine in their browsers
  • I can see the site through a proxy

I had my developer check the backend to see if my IP is being blocked, but it’s not. Does anyone have any clue as to what is happening?


do you have a screenshot of what you see when you try to go to the site

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$1 webhost

I had an account with them a while back. Got an email about a special they are having.. I’m sure this would work for new accounts as well:


Drupal Crew v.amidoingthiswrong

I am making a website for a restaurant, and the owner would like to be able to log in and update the menu items, specials and drinks.

So far I have created the content types for each of the sections items and set up views that display them correctly, but it seems like that might be overkill for something as simple as a menu item or a special for the day.

Am I doing it wrong? Maybe I am over-thinking it, and it should just be a static page that the owner can update manually.
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Blog + Forum integration website

Trying to make a website that will have blog posts, but when click on link it will take you to the forum. Pretty much like this:

Any ideas?

you have to install 2 platforms

the main platform will be blog, and a sub directory will be where the forum platform will be installed. its all a matter of linking in the nav bar of your blog to the forum and you’re done.

WiFi amp?

I need to boost my WiFi to my garage so I can have internet in my man cave. With my current linksys router I can get a signal half of the way to my garage. So another 30-50 feet and I should have it covered.

What would you recommend?

wrong subforum

you will get better answers posting it in here

or in the IT crew thread in the main

drupal guys looking for work?

We actually have a project that needs immediate attention. It’s a 40 hour per week gig that is slated to last at least 3 months. If you’re available please PM me. We can talk about the project then.

Would rather not work on fail projects. PM me when you guys switch over to WordPress.

I’m about to start a 3-month full time project for a telecom, and I know no details at all except I’m gonna make bank.

What’s the gig?

for real?

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I met with somone who works high up at Google and they update the algorithm..

4.5 times per day. Also found out a few other secrets I can’t say quite yet.
Hope to find out more in the future and post them on here.
Just thought I’d share that little bit of information.

does this pertain to rooting out blackhat SEO by recognizeable footprints?


By "update" they probably mean they tune their algorithms using new data 4.5 times per day. This is pretty typical. I am surprised it is not more often than that. They only *modify* their algorithms a few times per year.

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