PSD to WordPress, does who I choose matter? Prices vary so much amount companies?

Its a mini-sales site. Just need a three page wordpress theme done.. Need it for entirely SEO purposes, but need wordpress to update content daily. Does it matter what company I choose, prices keep going up and down.. From $214 – $400.. Anyone have any recommendations, I’d prefer it be cheap but would rather pay more for better quality. Don’t even know who to choose.. It’s such a small basic template, just images and text, and a drop-down navigation, nothing else…

, I hate trying to figure this stuff out. I have no idea
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How do I use a *.mht file to recreate a website

I had a website and the hosting company disappeared. All I have is every page saved as individual *.mht files all the images and things are in there. Is there any way or any host that will let me upload the *.mht files so that I can recreate the website? Any help would be very much appreciated.

from what i know u cant, try opening it in your browser, than save as as HTML+images, then u can open the new html file in dreamweaver or whatever

Who here has actually written a business plan


i’ve grown bored with my iPhone App, but whether I like it or not it is starting to get some interest from rather large organizations, so I’ve picked it back up.

I know the plan to monetize it and make it worth a boat load, offering it as SaaS, but I’ve never done anything like this (business wise)

I have written a few, you might want to post this in the Wall street section? Look online for samples and create your own, or if you don’t have time go find a business plan software and it’s pretty easy from there.

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WordPress permalink?

Anyone know how to redirect the root page of the site (i.e. ) to (

..I’m having difficulty figuring out how to do this.

Also want to make sure the logo "home" link directs to this link as well.

Any help is appreciated

Just set the page with ID 2 as the static front page, and then create a page for the posts archive

So I bought

Anyone a user on the site?

never heard of it, guess I will check it out

Wow ok have you even looked at the site all the way in depth at every shirt you have? Also, do you make affiliate sales off of each shirt you sell? Or what is the deal here? I looked at about 6 shirts on there just browsing around and one of them had a broken link to no website at all, another had a link to just an image and no where to buy the shirt and the other 4 had completly wrong prices..actually the prices are higher on your site than they are when you are redirected to the new site.
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Thoughts on what to use to sell products of a small company?

I’ve been brainstorming quite a bit and Google Checkout or Paypal Shoppingcart seems the most viable to me. I have less than 30 items, and it is a very focused market.

I’ve established myself on Etsy already (a storefront for vintage and handmade items), and right now the domain points to my shop there. I do pretty well, and make enough money to keep going and fund my r&d for other items. So overall, it wouldnt be worth setting up a whole storefront install, time and money wise since I already have google checkout and paypal accounts.
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Read RSS feed using PHP?

On my ebay store there’s an RSS feed.

Since I plan to eventually sell through my own domain, I want to publicize that RSS feed, but for it to be from *my* site/my domains RSS feed.

Anyone got any thoughts on the easiest way to get each RSS feed’s story/post into a PHP string?

Clueless to the whole RSS thing.

Then I want to publish it everywhere for the best coverage, but can they can banned like domain names can, sandboxed or something? Wouldn’t want that to happen.

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Anyone else’s Adsense revenue down v.retargeting?

Before, my sites with Adsense were doing relatively well. Ads were relevant to the content.

In the last few weeks, and especially the last week, my clicks have been low, and the few clicks I do get aren’t paying what they normally pay.

I visited my sites to see what is going on, and 90% of the ads are retarget ads (ads for sites I’ve been browsing earlier) that have nothing to do with the content for my sites.

For example, if one of my sites was about green widgets, normally the ads are also about green widgets, but recently they’ve been about trading gold futures and car tires (because apparently I visited a futures trading site and a tire site) rather than related to the content of my site.
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