Did you guys see the Namecheap vs Godaddy drama?

  1. Village in Zimbabwe gets terrorized by wild elephants that destroy crops, etc
  2. Godaddy CEO joins a hunting party to kill the elephants
  3. Godaddy CEO records video of elephant getting killed and celebratory villagers butchering it for meat
  4. Namecheap runs a $5 transfer promo to Save the Elephants

I thought maybe this was an April Fool’s thing, but apparently it’s true.
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Any simple wordpress ecommerce template?

Hi, is there a free and simple checkout/shopping cart template for wordpress or blogspot?

I just need a few items listed somewhere on the internet.

Normally I’d use 3dcart or shopify but no need for those with the few items I want to list for this particular site.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, definitely there are thousands of free wordpress e-commerce templates. You just need to search using the right keywords "Free WordPress E-commerce Templates". Just search with the above mention key phrase and you will get a good search results.

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best place to find a coder?

I need someone to implement some features into a site i’m working on. It would mostly be done in PHP. I’ve never actually hired a programmer before. Whats the best place to find one?

Those freelance websites seem a bit shady with all the broken English

have been using odesk, so far I have been satisfied, yes some people might have broken english but in my experience I haven’t had any problems understanding them or them not understanding me.

Only problem sometimes Is the time differences, if I needed to talk to them on skype or in real time it would be between 11:30pm to 6:00am. one person I have worked with has become like a pen pal with me and actually helps me with stuff at no cost.

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Help with SEO

So I finally got my website up live and running. A little background: I own a Janitorial / Packaging supply company. My clients are mostly commercial/industrial companies. I’m trying to expand and gain a bigger customer base. I received a $100 credit for Google Adwords. I talked to a rep so they can explain more how the whole process works.

I was told that the average user has a budget of $20/day or $600/month. I definitely can’t afford that much money per month.

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[phpmyadmin basic] using search, cant press Back button

Hi, guys

this is phpmyadmin search page, for example i want to search keyword1 in few tables that already selected

then its go to the result page

now how to get back to search page again, that already have the few tables selected?
i try push Back button in browser, its doesnt bring me back to the search page, instead to phpmyadmin homepage or nowhere

in old phpmyadmin version i can do this, but in latest phpmyadmin version, i cant do this anymore

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how do you expense your domain name purchases?

Do you just total up the amount that you paid to the registrar in that calendar year?

Or do you figure it out per month, like if you bought a domain for $10 on October 1, 2010, then you used it for 92 days in 2010, so $10/365*92 = $2.52 expense in 2010 and the rest on 2011?

how do you guys keep track of expenditures? (any specific software?)

Excel and an envelope full of receipts

Which I give to my accountant.

don’t forget to include domain name costs, hosting costs, the cost of other things like aweber or any other services you might use, home office costs, and PayPal fees.

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