adtech nyc anyone going? I’ll be there?

Anyone going and what to meet up? I know cojones will be there is anyone else going?

I’m going to try… no guarantees yet though. Conflicting arrangements.

hey mj we are having a dinner you wanna come, you’re paying with your black card

I’m not legit enough to go to that. Lulz.


he wants to play hide the hot dog in phasm’s cavern

who doesnt

i live 20 minutes from the city by train, and yet its during the time i work…damn son

damn, i didnt think anyone was going from here, so i gave away my free Content Revenue Strategy Conference pass away on WF. ($450)

sorry bro’ham. I got 1 of 200 free passes from Google… but I am in Spain for another month before I come back for 3 months.