All of you people buying MASS domains and doing nothing with them..

And taking every single random name out there.

Fuck you.

These aren’t even common, they have no real traffic, not brand-able, just no use for them really, but I keep seeing all these holding companies in the who is. They don’t use them for money-domain sites, they don’t have any website at all, they just sit in storage forever.

Left voicemails to buy them though.

I really don’t understand how it’s legal, or where they can get the sort of deals that allow them to afford this. My uncle recently forked out over 4000 dollars for 100 domain names, but it will probably have a huge return. These other guys must be getting a lot more domains for the same price, or otherwise they wouldn’t be able to hold on to such stupid names for so long. And they don’t even do anything decent with them, even the holding page is terrible. And they might have to have a holding page like that by law, in which case the law is stupid. They should at least be able to generate some sort of page that would have information related with the term.

Ugh’s all around.