Any CodeIgniter developers in here?

guy approached me with a CodeIgniter job and I don’t really have any interest in learning it for one small project (also the official CodeIgniter tutorials require Quicktime )

he makes it sound really easy, but I’ve never used CI.. any of you interested? or have input?

I have a side project that is basically a very simple calendar application that will run in PHP.

The main features are:

Post an event.
Search Events (By date range and location)
View event details.

To set expectations, my budget is around a couple hundred dollars and time frame is around a month. I assume we could work out exact figures if you decide you are interested.

I already have a prototype of each page created in HTML and the CSS is completed.

I really want the project done in codeigniter.

I will provide a project that I started that is very similar that already has database connection, the html templates, libraries and examples of how I would like the thing coded. So it is really a matter of taking the templates and hooking them up to the database via a code igniter library.

After I you (or whoever) finish the main functionality I will handle the branding and images and extra CSS work than needs to be done to finish it out.

If you are interested we should discuss it further over the phone.

The site will start out in the very basic form that I described above and will more than likely need more features added with time.

code igniter has extensive documentation. im guessing if you know php already, it wouldnt be hard to learn.

Like drpepper said, CodeIgniter is well documented, and if you know PHP you’ll be able to grasp the concept of it relatively quickly. Just brush up on some MVC basics and you’re set.

I ran through the Kohana tutorial like a year ago and didn’t really like it.

Drupal > *, though, right?

I ran through the Kohana tutorial like a year ago and didn’t really like it.

Drupal > *, though, right?

CodeIgniter and Kohana are practically identical with the exception that Kohana is pure PHP 5.

And Drupal is Getting back into it a lot right now.

I’m already working on a few different things right now and don’t really want to finish someone else’s project using a framework at which I I’ve never even glanced.

If any of you have used CI and are interested, though, let me know.

He’s an acquaintance of an acquaintance, so I can’t vouch for him any more than I can vouch for you guys, but I’ll hook you up with his contact information.

i use CI for all my large projects, im PMing you my contact info

this nigga is legit