Any of you ever used Concrete5?

my brother’s doing an internship at a small web consulting firm. the ceo has diamond-hard boners for concrete5 and keeps making him use it for stuff that we could do in drupal in 10% of the time.

are there any redeeming qualities? or does anyone have any too-legit resources I can send the ceo to make him shut up?

Looks like garbage but I’d wager to say his decision is ….


Looks like its Zend based, so if that’s working for them its gonna be hard to move them to Drupal

They actually use Drupal for most of their big projects, and my brother has done several Drupal projects for me, so he’s familiar with it.

The CEO just makes the interns use Concrete because none of their Sr or Jr developers will use it.

Took a look at it, don’t like it.. I’m a WordPress guy though.