Anyone a pro at facebook page?? Need some help

I run the local adult soccer league and I’m trying to add a button on the left by like the photos and events ect ect ect
I want to add a button that is named free agents and be able to add names of players looking for teams

I have looked for apps and cant find shit!

Yes! They all suck except for.. Static HTML by Thunderpenny
Add that app to your page, name it whatever you want for the page, then make html/chart with players inside it, put code in done.

Seriously takes 2 clicks.

Use to help you code. Or you can make a big image in photoshop..

Create your own app. Takes like 5 minutes.

still need help with this?

I would do what stormy said, make your own app here:

then you have to the add the app to your league page

click on view app profile page on the left, then click on add app to my page (while logged in as ABC soccer league)