Anyone do freelance web developing?

First off I dont think this is against the TOS so let me know admins.

I have a few people that want websites for their small businesses such as markets, funeral homes, etc, etc.

For some reason I am always running into people that need websites done so this would be a on going relationship. I also know quite a bit about the annoyances of making websites for customers so I will make it easy as possible for you.

If you could post up your resume and most importantly examples of your work please post them.

I was thinking about going with indian companies but I want to see if I can get someone here instead since I want good communication.

I can spit out sites pretty cheaply and quickly, but how much are you/"your people" looking at paying for a brochure site?

Do you need design also or strictly development?

depending on the size of work I’m estimating $300-$2000.

I will need soft graphic design for the site and logo designs for companies that do not have their own logo or want a new one.

If this doesn’t bear fruitful for you, I can put you into contact with a buddy of mine from Jersey who does some damn good work reasonably priced.

Pepsi is also good.

The only other designers/developers who used to post here that I’ve worked with self-banned or are incredibly busy.

I hate coming up with design but do web developing all day erry day.

I do but I’m too busy these days to consider more work

I’m incredible with website design and branding/logo development, but my coding skills aren’t top notch. If you’re talking basic sites then I could pull them together, but anything advanced and I’d so no.