Anyone else run vbulletin or a large site?

I have a forum that has about 70,000 members but activity sucks on it . I don’t even make $300 a month from AS.

One of the problems I have is that it takes way too long to load the main index page for the forums and that turns people off.

I have some add-ons, and some Ads from AS running, I have removed all of that to test and it is still slow as fuck.

The stats for the box are as follows:

Hardware: Dedicated box: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz, 2GB Ram (unsure of the speed)

Software: FreeBSD, Apache, MySQL, vbulletin

I know loads aren’t an issue as it barely goes over .12 on all counts. I’ve ran some tweaks to no avail.

All of the software has been updated to the latest stable version available

check any java script 3rd party verifiers that are used for statistics?

im guessing its a slow loading 3rd party script

So whats the issue?

Disk i/o cause wait times? Low memory? Is the database getting hammered?

Do you have caching enabled?

What modules do you load on the front page? Have you tried disabling them to see is it resolves the issue?

Are your ads taking forever to load, causing the page to pause while waiting for a response?

How many simultaneous apache/mysql connections?

So whats the issue?

Disk i/o cause wait times? Low memory? Is the database getting hammered?

None of that…The loads are almost 0 even at peak times and all of the other checks out


I load about 3 plug-ins that show small stats, and one that loads 4 random images from the photo gallery. I’ve disabled all plug-ins and still runs the same.

I run ads from Google Adsense, and my own ad management (OpenX ads, or used to be called phpadsnew) and I think that is the problem, they load using this call script

Remote Invocation, this also runs on its own SQL DB on the same server

<a href='' target='_blank'><img src=';n=edfae4999' border='0' alt=''></a>

I’ve also tried the PHP remote Invocation and another option they have, the fastest one is the one I’m currently using.

adsense can sometimes take a while if you have 2 or more units on one page

I’m running two right now just below the nav bar for the site.

remove shit one at a time and see what makes the biggest improvement

openx might be the problem, everyone always complains that it slows shit down big time.


Or remove them all, see if it’s significantly faster, then re-add them one at a time.