Anyone else’s Adsense revenue down v.retargeting?

Before, my sites with Adsense were doing relatively well. Ads were relevant to the content.

In the last few weeks, and especially the last week, my clicks have been low, and the few clicks I do get aren’t paying what they normally pay.

I visited my sites to see what is going on, and 90% of the ads are retarget ads (ads for sites I’ve been browsing earlier) that have nothing to do with the content for my sites.

For example, if one of my sites was about green widgets, normally the ads are also about green widgets, but recently they’ve been about trading gold futures and car tires (because apparently I visited a futures trading site and a tire site) rather than related to the content of my site.

It’s weird; this recent Google algorithm change (a few weeks back) caused all my sites to rank better (w00t @ legit SEO) but my ads and clicks have gone to shit

I assumed if I was seeing retarget ads for non-relevant shit that everyone else was, too.

Prior to the last week or so, all the ads I saw on my site were for green widgets.

i’ve been getting more clicks lately. not significantly higher but definitely above norm.

Everything is about the same. I have a 12% CTR on one of my adsense sites.