anyone own premium domain

do you use it as like an investment and sit on it, or do you try to do something with it and if all else fails just sell the domain.

i keep thinking of what to do with all my monies try to invest in stocks but if i dont know shit about how stocks work why bother, i was thinking of just buying a premium domain and holding on to it and selling it for double what i bought it for whenever someone wants to buy it off me. but the whole idea of having a potential buyer is uncertain is the thing that makes me do the noes smiley

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lol I have a bunch of half-ass domains and try to consider them an "investment". At least that is how I justify renewing them all every year lol. But when you get into the area of real quality names, $9 a year is a pretty cheap way to keep that investment going until the right buyer comes along.

There are a lot of silly prices paid for really (seemingly) sub-par domains all the time. But then again, it’s worth whatever someone is silly enough to pay for it I guess. I’m on a handful of domainer email lists and see their daily/weekly specials and am constantly surprised at the prices they are asking and probably getting often enough.

the probability that someone is actually going to fork over the money for some stupid domain name listed as premium is about as likely as you finding 8 grand rolled up and hidden in your butt for safe keeping. the domain pirate thing has long been old news, and most people could care less these days.

this is considering that every creative name or common word combination including numbers has been bought and is being held ransom by every professional and wannabe domain pirate in existence.

usually people will opt for something similar that isn’t as flashy, and not have to worry about some asshole thinking they have the upper hand because they have some domain name with a 4+ figure price tag over it that maybe only 1 other person out of 6 billion people would want. its retarded if you ask me.

99% of these domains have been for sale for over 10 years, and nobody is buying them, even at the reduced price.
Its like a pyramid scheme, and those people running the domain lists are lying if they say they are selling.
nobody likes domain pirates, web developers do not support them, and instead help their clients get something similar so they wont have to give up their childrens future education funds.