Anyone want to design a logo for me? $8

Don’t need anything special. Going on a site of mine. Just needs to be the site name and a little catchy with decent colors. PM. Mods let me know if this is the wrong place…

lol at you posting it in here when you are offering $8



I don’t even push the power button on my computer for $8

8 bucks? sure i have ms paint open right now…

Lol I just needed a shitty logo. Got it done for $6 woohoo

I love how people don’t care about branding or the importance of a good logo

This is a legitimate statement.

It’s a same people like that who ruin the design industry by nickel and dimeing it to death. He prob has some logo that’s stolen or ripped from Google images, with a cheap font, that some guy overseas chopped together that still has pixilation and rough edges.

the best kind