Apparent kickass phone number, how to monetize

Got a vanity number for one of my google voice accounts… it’s already getting between 20 and 30 calls and 100 texts a day and I haven’t even given the number out to anyone I know yet.

I’m assuming a radio station or something owned it prior and I’m still getting call ins from it…

Callers are predominantly male, and very desperate.

Do I:

1. Pop up a voicemail on the number directing them to a site that has some sort of CPA offer on it and hope they actually go there….


2. Post the voicemails on a site and monetize with CPA and Affiliate ads?

find out what they’re calling about first

Answer saying; "Hey big boy, enter your cc number nao"

haha… oh I know why they’re calling…

It would easily be integrated with a CPA for some kind of hook up site, porn reg maybe, dating site possibly… etc.

I don’t think I can do both because no one would leave a message if I changed the voicemail to say "Go here you desperate fuck".

Make 50% go to the joke voice mail, and 50% go to the CPA offer voice mail.

See whether the joke site or the CPA offer monetizes better


Can you do that in google voice? I’m new to this…. that would be fucking awesome if so.

sure simply set one voicemail on day 1, and another on day 2….it’s magic!

haha… no… fuck I wish though. I’d sell that bitch on ebay for a bajillion dollars!!!!


In like flynn…

that was simple enough. thanks.

that is what i thought the number was at first lol