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thoughts on this mockup

Not really sure what direction on going to take this. What do you guys think so far in terms of aesthetics, usability, etc?

i love it aesthetically

usability is lacking somewhat

actually usability is fine

what i meant to say is i don’t like the colors when you click on different sections

i was going to just leave it white for text only pages, black for the photo, and gray for the tracks, but i wanted to tie in the page color with the colors used in the nav

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Finally pulling the freelance-only plug on Monday

I’m going to quit my full time job and attempt to get some of my personal sites generating more revenue and work on freelancing more.

I’ve saved up enough to live income free for a year… so i’m giving myself 6-8 months to see this through 110% before contemplating going back to a fulltime gig.

Wish me luck

weren’t you making a few thousand a month from the clearcheckbook site? I’d think you’d start pushing and promoting that one a long time ago.

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Nested MySQL Queries

Is anyone good with nested queries? I’m having trouble writing one up, wanted to know if someone could shoot me an IM.

UPDATE <table> SET <column> = (SELECT <column> FROM <other_table> ORDER BY rand()) WHERE id=<id from other_table>

Basically trying to get a piece of information from another table selected at random specified by id. I don’t know how I would get the UPDATE portion of the query to match up with the SELECT portion.

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Why won’t my images display in firefox?

I’m redoing this website, and everything works when I view the page in IE. When I view it in FireFox, my images don’t appear. I checked my firefox settings; nothing is being blocked, javascript is enabled, etc. Have any of you encountered this before?

Additional info:
-When the user clicks on an image, a <div> is toggled visible or invisible, and the image itself is toggled between collapse.jpg and expand.jpg.
-The image is displayed as the background-image property of an <a> tag.
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I have no idea whats going on here…

This is weird.

I have this site (school project): and everything looks as it should for me except when I link to the site from gmail.
The link above in an email to another person is clicked and I get this in my content where all the " and ‘ are on the index page only:

But a direct type in, and the diamonds disappear…

Does anyone know whats up with this? Any fixes you could point me to? It could hurt my grade if I can’t fix it as my professors will be opening the site thru g-mail.
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Transferring a domain from freeservers to namecheap?

possible? current owner doesn’t seem to know much about it. When I run a whois the domain registrar shows as

But she says it was registered through I’m logged into control panel on freeservers and don’t see anything about transfers

MelbourneIT are a domain registrar they resell mainly .au domains.

And yeah its definitely possible Ive done it a few times.

PM me the domain name i’ll get 1 of my contacts to check it out.

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