Best option for making an online store

So I’m thinking about starting an online business but I’ll be honest my skills with coding and all that is not strong enough to write my own site.

So the way I see it I have two options

-Hire a professional to write the code for me, then order all the shopping cart services, payment processes, ssl certificates etc myself


-Use an online site maker, the best one I’ve seen is Volusion. It seems they provide everything for me and I can put up products etc myself.

What option do you think is the best price and also do you have any recommendation for either option?

If something like volusion or shopify meets your needs, it will be much simpler and most likely cheaper to use one of those services.

I’m just going to be running something low key, probably selling 100 items at most a month.

What is the cheapest and best provider for such services?

volusion is your best bet unless you know how to manage the whole site building process and have a budget of ~$5000