Best Places To Advertise Or Buy Ads? Or To Promote In General?

Forums, sites, whatever.. Looking hard and not finding much. Trying to avoid search/social as both haven’t worked out well. Does anyone have any ideas on where to do this at? Recently, did the OT sticky deal and that worked out decent, but after day two I could tell it wouldn’t be sustainable to purchase. Will keep doing it once a month to expand reach..

But in the mean time, really looking for new places to advertise. Just have no idea where to start. Contacted other forums/sites but most are looking at packages min $500/month for "banner ads". And most sell per impressions.. And that’s just one site.

Breaking down: So 10,000 impressions, let’s say CTR is 4%, that’s 400 clicks/visitors. That’s not much for $100. If 2% of those 400 convert, that’s only 8 visitors monetized.. It’s just not going to produce any ROI, but I understand it will help me brand the site but I can’t justify loosing that much..

Looking for unique ideas, seems legit, but most of the sites on there are "meh". Half of them are just pure garbage and I question the traffic amounts/quality..

Only thing I love so far: is offering $20/10,000 impressions. That’s 400 visitors for $20 about the same price as OT’s sticky for $25. But other than that I’m kind of stuck.

Edit: 0.08% is the average click through on banner ad buys? Ouch.

I got approved for buysellads but tbh I have no idea what to set my buy rate at, so I haven’t dont anything with it

If you have feeder sites, – get one way links to your main site, put up their trades on your feeder sites.

Will help with SEO a bit.