buying and selling domain names

is it as easy as buying a domain name off godaddy then selling it off to people who wants it? thanks guys!

I think most people who do this buy cheap names from other people then resell them

Yes, all the owner would have to do is push the domain to your account. Hit up google and you can find a bunch of sites where people sell domains.

Lets make some money.

that’s false


what is pr?

PR isn’t something that is updated daily, but I’m sure you know this already? A lot of people buy domains with pr and and complain that they lose their pr after a couple months and it’s totally avoidable imo. I’ve bought a bunch of pr domains over the last couple years and I always create a site with them similar to what they once were. I think those that are losing pr are creating sites totally unrelated to what they once were, and what they got the pr for in the first place.

I could be wrong but this is how it’s been in my experience

PR= page rank. It’s nothing but eye candy really.

is there a tips on selling domain names? should i put "if you would like to buy this domain, call xxx x xxx/email
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Oh and where do you host your website?

I think i’m going to have to pay you after all this help

You could make accounts to forums that have a for sale section and sell them there. You could use SEDO if they’re good domains. I think you can sell domains there.

I am fond of hostgator. A lot of OTers use bounceweb

Godaddy has its own auction page where you can list domains you own

Easy way to make some good money by buying and flipping right away if you can or even buying and holding on to them and selling later.

Only thing is you have to find someone that wants to buy the names and willing to pay more than you paid.

It’s best to find out what is selling and why, if you can. Then try to get domains that are similar and work off that.

There are a ton of places to sell though. Ebay can even be a great place to flip cheaper domains quickly for a decent profit. But it can take a while before you can find and buy decent domains that people will want to buy or think are valuable/useful. Be careful not to go and register 100 domains that you ‘think’ are great without testing and seeing how they resell.

If you want, let us know which you registered and we can give you our opinions or suggestions? No guarantee we will help you make money but maybe help you avoid useless domains…maybe lol.

How about the names of future famous people/band?