Can i get email notification each time error_log added/increase?So faster to response

Each time our site got error messages, is stored in a home/username/public_html/error_log file, in ftp right?

i wonder can i get notification to email each time new error message added/increased? the response or notification is the most important, so can fixing the problem asap, and since some of us not to often accessing+checking the ftp

I guess you could run a cron job and check if the file size has increased, and if so send an email to yourself.

Rather than get incredibly annoyed by constant emails. Just have a page on the domain that is PW protected and display it there so you just hit it whenever? Much faster/easier and you wont get loads of emails all the time.

I have a cronjob running a PHP script to check filesize and if its changed a certain amount it emails me.