Can I sell the $100 adwords cards I keep getting?

Haven’t used adwords in a while and I keep getting sent these adwords carda that I doubt I’ll use.

you can give me the facebook ones out of the kindness of your heart

I have a $50 facebook one right here beside me and should more around here some where

i think they are tied to your account, but i could be wrong

I’ll take a Facebook one. , I have a $100 Google ones as well, but already have an account. Have another company I want to sign up for adwords but it won’t let me enter the code anywhere. Time to call the support line. , already spend $2,600 a month with them.

nah, well maybe one since it came from google. It’s a $100 card, then I have a $75 code for google and the facebook $50, both of which came from a mag.

$100 expires 31st of this month and the other two expire June 30th. I kknow I have more too

make another account. I have a few

I get a ton of those.

They didn’t started sending them to me until after I had already opened an Adwords account

I did this, but where do you enter the coupon code at?

I got back today from a google engage event in mountain view, they gave us 20 cards with codes on them

Most of the coupons I’ve seen only work on new accounts too, i’m not sure about yours though..

Don’t know, , signed up with the code, and get a e-mail saying you used the $100 code to sign up… now call us if you need help for $100 credit to get your account started. My one account I didn’t have to do anything other than enter my code in a box after signing up, and they even ran my ads with no CC #, etc.

i may have met you

Why don’t you guys just register 20 accounts, and rack up $2,000.

well today i received a nice little package as well. 10 more gold coupons.

I forgot I signed up for it, and got my cards in the mail today

Call 1-877-721-1738 tell them you need help setting up a new campaign and ask for a $100, they’ll offer 30 day support and performance management for your campaign too. Goog finally realized that many small businesses are unable to use adwords aside from adding more money and clicking pause button.