Can someone help me with a SQL Query for VB 3.8.7

I am needing a SQL Query I can run in the AdminCP to:

Change the password for every user that is a member of primary usergroup id# 65.

The password will be chosen by me and I want all the members of usergroup id# 65 to have the same password.

Thanks in advance.

I can’t exactly help you without you providing any details on your schema but keep in mind that the password is most likely hashed, salted, and rehashed so you consider that when you write your query otherwise your admins won’t be able to access VB anymore.

I did something similar with a PHPBB forum, and like kingtoad mentions they were salted. I just took the function that was there and passed it the same password, then updated the DB for all the relevant rows with the hashed version of the password.

EDIT – One easy way would be to create a new user yourself with the password you want, then find it in the DB, then update all the rows with that group ID.

I don’t think the username or password is used in the algorithm in VB.