Can Someone help with this IE/FF E-mail Issue v. Simple But Driving me Crazy! :(

Okay so this e-mail format works PERFECT in firefox when the images don’t display, and when they display as well. BUT when it’s in Internet Explorer here’s what happens. The spacing goes ape shit. Note the images are VERY small, but IE keeps making them strech way out.

, going crazy trying to fix this. Changed the code, switched editors, used editors in both FF/IE, but nothing. Why are the images going crazy like this. The images are less than 100x in height, so I don’t know.

Nevermind, changed the image properties to 1px. & the table properties to 1px as well.

Update again, as mentioned above that didn’t fix anything.. For anyone who has this problem in the future. I removed the height/width px of the images to "blank" and the problem was fixed.