Can you design a site with Photoshop or just basic code

I am in the process of re-relearning html along with CSS.
I remember taking a class in college years ago, however the way we used to do webdesign back then was by building it in Photoshop and exporting it with Adobe GoLive.

Now, people use Adobe Dreamweaver (CSS based).

I am at the point of re-relearning all the basics and designing the concept behind my webpage and photshop would be really helpful for this.

Anyways, how should I learn this?

By constructing the design, and then picking from tutorials how to apply it online?

Nobody uses Dreamweaver.

I’m not sure how you can go about unlearning whatever it was that you learned in college, but I can almost guarantee that it will hurt you more than it will help.

Pick up a popular CSS framework and go from there. Pick Bootstrap or Foundation. Then learn how to add in your own stuff. Then cherry pick from frameworks depending on your project. There are plenty of sites for beginners, but I can’t think of any right now. There was a thread recently about this exact subject, so just search for it. There are some presumably good sites listed in it.

Photoshop is a terrible program for website design. It’s not conducive to mobile-first or responsive design. It’s slower to build a mockup in Photoshop than it is to build one in a framework. Designers who haven’t figured out how to abandon Photoshop are falling behind as far as I’m concerned. Photoshop is for graphic designers, not web designers. Use it to build specific assets, not entire web interfaces.

See, that’s the problem. Years ago, everyone was on Dreamweaver and flash. Just like three years ago, I took class about Flash and how it’s supposed to be the future of web design. Flash forward a few years later, and it has already been forgotten.

I know web design is a very dynamic area, but sometimes you need some pointers.
Remembering HTML is a good thing but it doesn’t help me in the end. Knowing what a string of code means what and what’s good for won’t help me when I want to do something for me.

I am an artistic person (meaning I draw) and I was hoping to introduce my own drawings into the design of the webpage, but seeing as people don’t advice implementing photoshop into design makes me kinda frustrated.