Cant transfer from enomcentral to namecheap/godaddy, please help

Hi guys,

like you might already know, domain renewal fee in enomcentral is $39 per year, so i wanted to transfer out my domain from enomcentral to namecheap or godaddy

i already tried ordering transfer in namecheap 2 times, but still failed, its says

Reason for Cancellation :

Canceled – Invalid EPP/authorization key – Please contact current registrar to obtain correct key

screenshot :

the EPP/authorization key should be right, i only copy paste it directly from email page to namecheap transfer page
screenshot the EPP/authorization key are received to my email :

Note About lock
Here are screenshot of General settings page in enomcentral, you can see Registrar-Lock is disabled, i already do this few weeks a go

but i tried do whois check in today, its says still Locked, it is true or not, its should be says Unlocked

please help what is the solutions guys?
– is it because the EPP/authorization key, have special character on it that is "(", and namecheap cant handle it? i still not yet try the transfer using godaddy, if you recommending me try godaddy too, i will try it, i am only afraid it will failed too before

– renewal is $39, but i read reseller renewal is only about $9, do i need to search another person that have reseller account, push it there and help to renew it?

is the domain already expired? if so, I don’t believe you can transfer expired domain names till the grace period is over

no, not in expired, still few weeks again the expired time

good luck, a quick google search of enomcentral and it shows other people having this problem or other problems with them, this is why I will never buy an important domain name from anyone other than godaddy or namecheap

Namecheap is a reseller of ENOM. Transfer requests from ENOM to Namecheap will generally result in a request for PUSH.