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Crypted.Gen all up in my database

Had done a backup the other day of one of my new sites so I has the .sql on my desktop. Just finished doing a virus scan with Avira and it says the .sql has a Crypted.Gen

Can I fix this shit myself or do I really need to contact the security department of my host?

Also, what are the odds my site gets fucked up during the removal process

what sort of site? if its a wordpress one you can do a wordpress export.

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cheap .com / .net domain registrar

my host use to charge 5 bux a year

now its 8.49

anywhere cheaper?

godaddy with the right coupon but they suck. I use namecheap. $8.81 with coupon for .com

Whatever you do, don’t use godaddy with the free privacy. They make it so fucking hard to cancel the free privacy when they try to auto renew you.

It costs me $7.89 to buy them these days

Personally I would rather spend a little more and buy it from someone like godaddy or namecheap and avoid shit like this
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Do you guys still try to make your sites work in IE6?

It feels like no matter what I do, when my sites work in IE7/IE8/Firefox/Safari/Chrome/Opera IE6 has to fuck it all up.

I know its not good practice to think ‘fuck it’, but I’m seriously annoyed with it, as its wasting my time editing my CSS files for ages trying to get everything looking good, and on the off chance it works in IE6, it doesn’t on the other browsers. So I’m considering implementing a warning/script that re-directs the user who’s using IE6 to the download page for IE8 on my sites.
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combining 2 Cable Modem lines for uber 30Mbps speed.

is this possible? i called time warner and they said

and that im taking advantage.

is there a way to do this without them knowing and somehow combining 2 lines through a router/hub that combines the 15Mbps lines into 1 uber line that gives me 30Mbps?

Depend son the market.

In some markets, you cannot add modem with them registering the mac.

So just getting two modems online may be an issue.

If you can get them both online, and connect them both to a single switch/router, you would need to do statics pointing out both directions.
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Any one else rank really well with google images?

I’ve got a site that deals with a wide variety of topics and a handful of the keywords are on the first page of google images and a few are in the top 5 spots. However, I can’t be found anywhere within the first 10 pages when doing a web search for the same keywords.

I have a car site that used to get 90% of its traffic from google images


Anyone have successful forums like OT? I might have some free time coming up and could help with an extra member or two as well as posts.

I have an OT type forum with about 140k posts and 700 members since Feb. Not much compares to OT my guess would be NN is probably the second biggest OT forum on the net.

um you are forgetting something awful

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Whats the best way to strip the imdb id from a url in php?

For example I have this url:

I need to strip out the "tt0274518" from it. Whats the cleanest way of doing so?

keep in mind, it should also work with any of these versions:

Any ideas?

Explode around /title/

is the ID always going to have a fixed length or can it change?

$url =  '';

$url_array = explode("/",$url);

$id_index = array_search("title",$url_array) + 1;

$movie_id = $url_array[$id_index];

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grabing parts of webpages and displaying them?

lets say we’re looking at this page

i want to be able to take the image of the kindle, as well as teh description beside it.. and display it on my website..

lets say the website is

is this doable??? HOW TO DO?

also, if this is doable, is there any way to make it work automaticly on pages that require a login? (most of the sites that i need this to work on have a login with a cookie that expires within an hour or something)

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