College newspaper website?

Hey, I usually like to read some of the other forums and just noticed this one could be useful as well. I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with college newspaper websites, but currently I’m the web editor of the GCSU colonnade, if you search for you can look at it. It’s hosted by College Publisher, basically we can use it as a free content management system while they collect ad revenue. I’m slowly learning more about alternatives such as word press and drupal. I’m just curious as to if any of you have experience with this stuff and what insight you may have. I’m currently considering hooking up with copress to help us transfer to a more independent solution, college publisher is typically very restrictive in site design.

only thing is, do you think they’ll hand over the domain?

They should hand over the domain, we just need to give them 90 days notice.

wordpress + atahualpa theme. That’s pretty much my answer to everything

i like that theme

I’ll build you a sick wp site inexpensively if you need help pm me