cPanel noob

Sorry I have to keep asking for help, but cPanel is crazy.

I’ve got an index.html file in the public_html directory, the public_www directory and in the www directory, but my site still comes up w/ the free parked page…

I don’t understand whats going on here. According to the tutorial and some YouTube vids, everything is in the right place…

Thoughts? Thanks guys.

public_html and www lead to the same directory. Maybe it’s a DNS problem Where are you hosted at?

have you set your domains DNS servers to your hosting company?

You need to login to where you purchased your domain name and look for a setting similar to DNS/Nameservers and enter the ones you got from your hosting provider

Also, it takes up to 24 hrs when updating nameservers for it to switch over.

With Cpanel, their directory setup www points to public_html for compatible reasons. Check with your DNS register make sure you have the proper name servers setup. Also takes a couple days for it to set in

24 hours? Damn… I’ll double check the DNS (Domain Name Servers, right?) I used to buy the domains in question, and A Small Orange for hosting. Their nameservers were sent to me as +

So, (just checking here) in domainsite, manage domain > manage/edit nameservers > and in addition to all the domainsite DNS that are already there, add the two ASO ones?

Slot 1:

Slot 2:

leave the others blank

Slot 1:

Slot 2:

leave the others blank

Aight, done. So whatup w/ this then?:
Important: Please Read

must be entered as "Current" name servers to take advantage of our real time DNS tools and URL forwarding

ignore it. they’re just wanting you to use theirs

Aight, sounds good Browning. Thanks for your help. I hope this works. (I don’t see why it wouldn’t…)