CPC Adverts for Private Sites

Hey, Cow and I have been looking for a decent alternate ad platform to use on the index besides Adsense. Anyone have any suggestions?

The site is behind authentication and we block spiders via robots.txt. it makes it difficult to run most ad publishers because the advertisements are in no way targeted.

The other alternative is through affiliate marketing, which is often a pain in the ass.


This isn’t for Phile. It will never have Ads. Additionally this is not for paid subscribers but to present to accounts that do not subscribe.

I do not believe I mentioned any specifics in my OP other than seeking suggestions. Do you have one?

I do not know what the XERQ reference represents.

It’s okay. Phile is really something I started myself. We moved towards moving OTnzbz to it but it caught a lot of crap. So we launched nzbag in response. Which is off the same core as Phile, but is only $10/yr for VIP versus the $60 like Phile. But again, Phile is the elite index. Average pre times under one minute. 6+ Million releases, 178 groups at 1660+ days.

It’s worth every penny and still, despite all the rustling of peoples feathers, 0 cancellations.

But we need a CPC or CPA for the free users on Nzbag. There are a ton of free accounts that generate 500,000+ page views a week currently. Total average time on site exceeds 3 minutes. Would love to market it to the right ads.

Find an aff manager and show them the traffic stats.

I know a guy who uses a lot of the ad traffic networks like airpush and others to divert traffic to his campaigns. I am not positive if he would have any ideas. I am in the process of setting up an additional legit site that would allow me to be accepted into more affiliate programs related to the site subject.

Trying to work a deal now with Tweak that instead of giving me the full referral commission, they could give me half and allow the other half to be used by the signup ad a discount. Trying same with super. They pay like $4/month and would much rather make $2/month per signup and offer a $2 discount.