Crypted.Gen all up in my database

Had done a backup the other day of one of my new sites so I has the .sql on my desktop. Just finished doing a virus scan with Avira and it says the .sql has a Crypted.Gen

Can I fix this shit myself or do I really need to contact the security department of my host?

Also, what are the odds my site gets fucked up during the removal process

what sort of site? if its a wordpress one you can do a wordpress export.


lol yeah youre fucked probably should let the host know too.

I won’t be able to find the infection in your database with the information you provided. Crypted.Gen is a very generic signature that basically says that a piece of javascript code is encrypted, but I feel this may be a false positive on the part of your anti-virus software. I dumped your site database, and was not able to find any javascript elements on the site.

probably false positive. You had a fresh install with the latest version on a new site. Although possible, not likely that a "hacker" had a new exploit and was able to find your new install that quickly. You never know but doesn’t seem as likely.

If it was an older, more established site or even an older version of phpbb then maybe but nah lol.

yea it’s up to date but I installed a few mods.