Ctrl+S, Alt+Tab, y, Alt+Tab->Tab, Ctrl+R, Alt+Tab->Tab

More like 2nd monitor + live reload. Amateur.

<script src="http://localhost:35729/livereload.js"></script> or get the chrome extension

grunt-contrib-livereload (or any other watcher) or get the plugin for your ide

ctrl+s + watch browser refresh on 2nd monitor

nice hack for devs

is that port of ur localhost ur root for projects

I have no idea what that y is for, but I’ll bet it’s unnecessary too.

If you’re doing anything that’s repetitive, then you’re doing it wrong. Use grunt.

ftp upload overwrite existing file on server -> Yes

Pro tip: You can also launch a quick local server with….

php -S localhost:80 -t /path/to/document_root router.php

I wrote a router for WordPress that I use that’s compatible with the most common WordPress installation methods.

so each port # is a different dev project of urs?

whats the contents of router.php

Nah. I just work on one project at a time so no port conflicts. It’s launched via grunt. I use a vm for database stuff, gitlab for remote git repo + interface + deployment hooks, and I use gitlab-ci to run tests.

Oh I didn’t notice this question (was this a ninja edit?).

That’s the default livereload port. That’s the port that the Chrome extension will listen on by default. It always runs on localhost even if you’re cowboy coding in remote FTP like it’s 1999.

To clarify, livereload runs separate from your web server. It has its own web server that it runs on its own port to serve that javascript file.

Also, livereload is free. I just went to its official website and saw that they try to sell you on some shit. You don’t actually have to buy anything to use it. Just get it as a plugin for your IDE (SublimeText and PhpStorm both have their own Livereload plugins) or run it in grunt (this is my preference since it makes it more portable).

I tried to use livereload but it wasn’t for me.

My workstation is a 27” iMac with a vertical 21” monitor. I have a trackpad and I swipe from app view to app view anyway.