database of all zip codes with city and state?

anyone ever have the need to find this list? i currently do and am scouring the internet for a CSV file or something. anyone ever find something like this/know better where to look?

Yes, it was posted on BHW… I might have it bookmarked..

Hoovers, sells them but it’s $3500, lol.

It all depends on how precise you need to resolve it. Wikipedia has a list of three digit prefix that will resolve to city level.

Within the city, you’ll need five digit database which is like $40.

If you want within street level resolution, you’ll need 9 digit database which is like $400.

I went to the pirate bay, there is a torrent there called: USA ZIP CODE DATABASE 82.000 CODES MULTI COUNTY

I found a cvs file a while ago for a project that I was working on and I converted it to a SQLite database to use with the command line. Here’s a link to the plain sql doc

yeah I was wondering that too, but they’re service zip codes for certain areas. So those are valid zips, but not for the general public. What are you using this database for anyway? I used it so that users on one of my sites won’t have to type the city/state because the php file searches the database and finds the corresponding values.

edit: oops, you’re not the OP. OP, what are you using the database for anyway?

Working example:

I used to have this as part of a subscription service. I’ll see if I can still find a copy.

You will probably have to do some pruning, most come with a lot of extra information, and depending on your location you might have to account for this "alias" shit that goes on that can make lookups a huge PITA.

is who we were using. No idea on the price, client needed it and gave us the setup. It had an absolute ton of shit in it, including census information and demographics.

I just checked, and you’re right (but after you sign up for their developer site….) Meh, it’s not like writing a query that looks for zips and then prints the city/state was hard to do.

Get them here + mooore – coldcaller’s heaven.