DDOS protected hosts (not cloudflare)

Looking for either a host who has ddos protection, or a ddos proxy which basically gives you an ip to use for your own host.

Needs to handle layer 3and 4 (udp and syn attacks mainly).

Looking for something on a budget. Similar to awknet i suppose. Nothing extreme like blacklotus, unless you guys know a good reseller. Black lotus is amazing from what i hear, but 300bucks a month is way out of my budget.

Any ideas? Looking for 50-80 bucks if possible. I’ve been playing around with buyvm, who has ddos protection through awknet and theyre great except recently have been having insane problems with their DC and it’l be a month before they switch.

Custom Rule Filters for firewalls is a huge plus if clients can access it.

I’ve known Justin Robertson from AIIX, Awknet for years and used to have a lot of gear Colo’d when he was on Hope. Their support sucks, but if you don’t need it its great. As an example I am waiting for hardware to be shipped back to me that I took offline last October.