Dealing with ddos/syn floods on your vps

Any idea guys?

I’ve tried out a few iptable scripts and such, but i dont think theyre working.

For my server, i don’t use port 80. I thought closing that port would basically reject all trafic, therefore stop any ddos on that port, yet when i test it with either udp or syn i still crash it.

what about only whitelisting certain ip blocks and allowing only those to connect.

We have users, so getting their ip wont be a huge deal.

Will that stop the ddos from shutting down the server?

If you get any decent DDoS your not going to be able to make it better wit host side filtering.

+1 on Cloudflare

thing about cloudflare is, from what i read its meant for apache.

this vps wont even be running apache

What are you using the VPS for trolling IRC channels? lol

Move to a provider that can support the attacks.