Do any of you outsource the work?

Have any good recommendations as to who to use?

Looking for cost-effective overseas workers preferably…

Or even if you guys know places that handle shit like psd -> html/css and don’t charge an arm and a leg just so I can cut down on my work load a bit.

What type of outsourcing are you looking for? I have a whole arsenal of copy writers, seo guys, coders, etc. I’ve come in contact with over the last few years to outsource tasks that aren’t worth my attention to. WickedFire is a great place to find people that really know their stuff when it comes to all aspects of web design/development/seo.

For the most part…just someone to turn my designs into HTML/CSS

Definitely look around in the buy, sell, trade on wickedfire then. There’s a lot of excellent xhtml/css guys that work fast & at very fair prices over there. If you want specific people PM me and I can recommend a few.