Does this 2FA Method for accessing SSH/FTP/ADMIN URLS on your domain make sense?

Dedicated IP VPN that you can login to from any comp.
before you get assigned IP after login VPN you have to go through 2FA via web browser (redirects * traffic to that 2FA screen before granting you access to network / IP that you can use to login ssh/ftp/url htaccess)

this way your actual site cannot be accessed without passing through 2FA first.

sounds like a good idea or horrible?

Woah… Idea time.

Using a paid VPN for restricted IP FTP/Admin Access..

Wonder if that would work.. In the same boat.

Not okay with using my home IP, worried if it gets switched or if I move or something..

no VPN would be under my control from a seperate server. thats where i would implement the 2FA shit before assigning IP to use to login with to site.

It sounds like a great idea. That’s why people have been doing it for years. It’s called using a private/public key with a VPN.

didnt know it existed

more info on setting this up?

didnt know it existed

more info on setting this up?

Depends on your router. Generating the key is easy, but I’d suggest you install tomato wrt or dd-wrt, otherwise your stock router firmware is most likely going to be pretty limiting unless you have something like the Asus n66u.