Doing a little ux work for a buddy, wonder what OT thinks?

He’s got a nifty little idea happening over at , helping out with some design and strategy. Wonder if the resident OT gurus have any thoughts?

I like it but the colors are a little washed out a bit bland. A bit more color and contrast would make each section a bit clearer.

Understood. We were trying to make the content the star of the show, thus the simplicity in the coloring and design, but you’re right, we might be too far on the bland side.

Yeah I love the simplicity and its a cool concept for a site too.

Thanks! Will pass that along.

Anyone have thoughts on the use of the piecharts for the vote tally?

Take a gander again if you don’t mind. Changed up some of the coloring and made the header bolder.

New screenshot with new coloring…