Domain forwarding, SEO, Google search results…did I do this right?

I bought a domain name that I am going to use to forward to a particular page on my website.


I bought through GoDaddy

And set it up to forward permanately to

My objective was to lure in people searching for the key words

Question #1: Did I do this right? Or should I have the domain name point to an existing page that then re-directs to my site or contains a simple link to my site?

Question #2: With it setup the way it is. How will it appear in a Google search? Will it show the url and site description of the page I forwarded it to?


Not going to work.

Google doesn’t rank (highly, at least) urls that simply redirect.

You’ll get some bonus traffic from people who just go to their browser URL bar and type in whatthey’ (apparently some people do this).

But if you bought the domain and just redirected it to your main domain, you don’t get any real SEO benefit from it unless the site you bought was already SEO’ed.

In other words, if you sell blue widgets, and you sell them at, and then you bought and redirected it to, there’s minimal SEO value there because doesn’t have any authority/linkjuice of its own. That’s what it sounded to me like you were doing.

Now if you give some value and then redirect, then you might get an SEO boost for your main site.

You’ll still get the traffic from people who want to buy blue widgets and type in cuz they don’t know what a search engine is.