Dreamhost is hasseling me over a referral v.time for a new host

This is what i need:
Multiple Domains

This is what i like:
ssh access

Shared hosting is prob fine for my purposes at the moment, though an inexpensive private situation may be intriguing.

The story:

Ive had dreamhost for ~4 or 5 years now. A friend bought a domain, i hosted his splash page temporarily. I have referred him to dreamhost but they are refusing to move the domain to his account if it is referred from me.

I have referred multiple people to them but since I hosted this guy’s splash page before telling him to use dreamhost they are making a stink.

if you want post referral links. I will be buying new hosting tonight. so lets see some links.

bounceweb is good to me.. moved from dreamhost.

i abandoned dreamhost at the end of oct.
still looking for a new host, in for better suggestions

though, im probably too poor to do anything but shared

I know a dude over at DH, I might be able to help.

since no one else posted one… heres my aff link to hostgator. I’ve had no problems with them at all.

there is a reason no one is posting them, you are not supposed to post affliate links

yeah affl. are not allowed. if one person starts doing it, this place will get overrun with spammers

we can’t stop people pming them, but no posting them

we can’t stop people pming them, but no posting them


i meant it as more of "i have no problem giving someone credit."

My bad… I was drunk. haha. I’ll edit now.

Hostgator allow SSH access. Just open a ticket to ask for it after you order.

I can’t really believe Dreamhost is still in business. I left them about 3 years ago.

A company i do some work for signed up for their VPS service and it was down more than it was up. Guess things don’t change much around there.

I use hytekhostin for multiple hosts and get SSH pretty easily.

surpasshosting.com gives free ssh acccess

There are a lot of great hosts out there. I was with DH for about 3 or 4 years and never had any problems with them. I would give you the url for my hosting company but I guess thats grounds for a ban unless I pay for a subscription. Which I will be doing soon.

I use them ^

I don’t like his prices. my friend went to HS with him and he just flaunts his wealth now