E-Mail Marketing – Image Display, Should I host or attach images?

Ready to send an e-mail blast out to 6k previous customers. The e-mail will be a simple newsletter with coupons and specials. Part of the e-mail will be text/logo/minor-images. PREFERRED: #1 Option – The BULK portion of the e-mail will be four large images cut up, with all the information in the picture, will photoshop this together. #2 Option – The E-Mail will use web fonts and smaller images of each product. Will still have to use images for the coupons, so putting this all together is way more work than I want it to be.

My question is: Should I attach the images or host them online and then throw them in the e-mail. I’m worried about the SPAM filters as well at the little area that says "display images from "
/* */". Also which format should I use, is #1 option okay? I hope so.

Sending them as attachments could lead to possible spam issues and could possibly increase delivery failure. It’s best to host the images. If you can host the images on your ESP–even better.

Thanks kingtoad, will host them.

if I for an email with images as attachments I would never download them.

be careful with images in emails, some webmail, like gmail, won’t even display the alt tags.

Thanks everyone for your knowledge and answers. Sent out the e-mail promotional newsletter to around 4,000 of our customers yesterday, and they all pushed through flawlessly. Contacted our business ISP to ensure optimal delivery as well, and our customer management software sent them out 40 at a time over a few hours. Added a few of my "fake" emails with gmail, aol, etc addresses to see what my clients would see and none of mine where marked as spam. Also the images in every mail client I tested after sending loaded the images up with no problems, quote "images are always displayed from this sender".

Looking forward to the results, hoping this really boosts the companies sales for the month. Have gotten a few replies back, some asking to opt-out, other’s requesting more information, and a few walk-ins. Hoping later in the week it takes off a bit more.