Early Design Comps for Gaming Community

I would love to hear what you guys think of these design comps. Critiques/Praise, all is welcome.

Here is the current review site:

Everything is in the very early stages of design and development is only starting on the areas were we know we are certain when it comes to functionality.

Quick overview of site direction:

It’s an umbrella gaming community that specially targets the moba sub-genre. There are plenty of gaming sites that focus on "one" specific game within this sub-genre our goal is to encompass the span of all moba’s and of course showcase the primary games within the moba community.

From a design point of view, I LOVE YOUR SITE.

These are probably my favorite MOBA sites from a design/functionality pov:

IDK what you have in mind for managing and organizing streams but CLgaming’s system works really well.

Mobafire.com has a shitty design IMO, but their guide system is very good.

I see that you have dota, lol and hon listed. You should support Bloodline Champions as well, it is very big in Europe and creeping over here slowly, especially among competitive gamers.

How do you plan on monetizing the site? Are you going to run leagues/tournaments or just do gaming news and streams?

That home page is going to be a sliding banner? Gonna use vbulletin forums?

I run a pretty popular competitive gaming league on the side so if you have any questions let me know!

Can’t wait to see more updates, keep up the great work

Yes, I’ve already taken into account a lot of the competition. However, full implementation is a long ways off. Even though I have the wireframes all laid out, I ended up creating 16 wireframes in omnigraffle.

The functionality of leaguecraft and mobafire is pretty intensive. As much as I would love to destroy them (as I know I could), I have limited resources and with that I’m not going to be tackling this big boy just yet. I’ll save this for future expansion if all goes well. As of right now, guides will be done in simple format on my blog/article and only content writers will have access to creating this content.

I do hope that if we are successful with our initial launch I can tackle building a full working user created build system for multiple mobas.

We will surly support Bloodline Champions, Rise of Immortals, and Realm of Titans. However, I want to focus more on the primary (popular) mobas first to bring in a good stream of users.

You will see that in the drop down navigation it says "other streams." This is probably poor verbiage on my part, but this is where other streams of games can be found.

Our big pull are going to be: news, streams, tournaments/ladder, and bi-weekly comics.

I have an illustrator who I’ve known in the businesses for quite sometime. He is going to be creating a lot of the branding for the site. The art style will be more like…oh TF2 with more 2D cartoonish style with "generic" moba characters in mind (these characters will not pertain to any one game)

The homepage will be a sliding banner, our CMS is EE 2.0 and our forum will be EE Forum.

As much as I enjoy VBulletin, SMF, and phpBB…i find that they offer too much for someone who wants to start ‘clean.’ All of these forum systems start with a number of additions that aren’t necessary for our forum and doing further customization requires far too much rework.

With EE Forum we are able to have a solid foundation, but almost nothing is done within the infrastructure which is good for my dev team. They prefer a blank canvas rather than sifting through code.

I will most definitely let you know. I would love to recruit more streamers and get a community/league organizer.

I’ve completed the homepage design, I’m onto the article and logged in view comps tomorrow.

This is very true. I’ve been in close contact with the dev since wireframing, but it’s probably going to be double the design time to finish the site.

I’m probably 70 hours in, including UX/R&D/Wireframing. He quoted about 150 hours for just the forum, homepage, secondary, and tertiary pages. We are not even including other aspects of functionality with the streaming section and the build/guide section.

So yes, it’s a pretty big beast. That is why we are doing this launch in 3 phases.