Facebook and Google Analytics

Does anyone know how to make facebook ads track in google analytics without creating a separate landing page or mirrored site for those ads? I’m showing lots of clicks on facebook but am having a hard time tracking the results of those clicks in my analytics.

Don’t trust Google Analytics with my data.

Probably flip to Mixpanel soon, using this as a temporary solution but this is screwing me up. I know my cost/user but don’t know if the FB ads are higher or lower for the sake of scale-ability

Why not just do this.. & for other ads, , make those links redirect to your main site. So you can see where traffic is coming from.

What I do for Google Ads (similarish), I’ll do subaru.dealership.com and when I go after ford, I’ll do ford.dealership.com so I can see what brands and keywords get the most clicks, what ads are performing, and which ones I’m losing money on. Hope that helps?